The 1998 Presbyterian Youth Triennium

April 14, 1999 -
I'm supposed to be studying for exams now, but whatever. Some more links:
Cascade's Presbytery - includes this guy named Brad Davidson's thoughts on Triennium.
Presbyterian News Service
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Kye Chung's Homepage. I can't believe I found this. Wasn't he awesome?
Presbyterian Youth Connection
Tracee Hackel's comments. She's a student at Dubuque Theological Seminary. These are actually the first negative comments I've read, and I think she has a point, although she went too far in criticizing the MILK song.
Triennium's Light - from the Worldwide Faith News Archive.
And lastly...

March 2, 1999 -
Some links!
The PYT 98 Webpage
Presbyterian Atlantic Youth Synod (I actually only found out about this page today)
Canada Youth 2000 Oh wow, this looks so amazing

October 31, 1998 -
I don't have enough time right now to work on this webpage, but for now, here are two pictures from Triennium (I know the pic quality is really bad, so I'm going to redo them whenever (a) my scanner gets working again and (b) whenever I have some free time - maybe not until May, I'm thinking), both taken in front of the Purdue University sign. Most of the people in the pictures are from my church youth group (St. Andrew's Presbyterian in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).

Coming later - some pictures of my lighthouse group (once I get them scanned) and hopefully some of people from the Atlantic Synod; my thoughts on Triennium, and maybe some stuff from the Atlantic Synod meeting and the youth newsletter.

If you went to the 1998 Presbyterian Youth Triennium and would like to submit something for my page (a short writeup of your experiences there, pictures; anything), please email me at

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