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Tank top days



Third day in a row with brilliant sunshine. Love sunshine, blue sky, and jolly air Ė feel like going to the beach or exploring round town taking photos. Whatever, just not stuck in windowless office blocks writing stuff thatís humiliating to oneís intelligence.


Shock to learn that Lís handed in his notice. Iíve always thought him the sort of guy who would never change jobs. Even more shock to find out that heís had got a scholarship to study in EnglandÖ emmmÖ donít really know where his merits lie.


A.Y. (darn! So many people with initial A, think I have to start devising a new naming system) still looks pretty much the same Ė still keep staring at me diffidently over the dinner table. I mean if he remained as h/s as before I would have liked him, but alas! Thatís not the case. Eís practically a rattling nerd now, really worried about him. BTW, the Thai food was yummy.


The wound in mouth starts to feel itchy now, good signs of healing I hope.


Thereís something I would like to quote from the de Botton book, but canít find the page at the moment. Anyway, will sort out my thought later. Geez, have been procrastinating my application stuff again.



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