Now come and meet the most handsome (sorry?) and childish recorder teacher on earth.

If you want to have a look at him before anything else, or just that you doubt the first sentence (you should), go here

Maybe I should start telling you more about him

The Very Personal


Harry WONG (see! the same surname as mine)


Well, you can tell from the name (which is the same as the prince's, but the prince is definitely much like a man than he does. Oops! sorry about that.)


This time age is a real secret. Well... someone did actually calculate how many "hours" he'd lived, and i guess it's something like 280512 up till 08:29 GMT, November 22, 1998.


Disc Jockey for Metro Broadcast. Actually I think he'd never been a professional musician


To show up late, or actually never did so

He was elected one of the sexiest men in Hong Kong by Eve magazine!!!!

Now let's see what his students think of him:

"What do you expect me to say about him? A crazy guy who can play virtually every instruments and plays stupid jokes every little while?"
---Rhys Wong

"He seems like a pilot more than a music tutor. Why? Playing aeroplane!!!"
---Olivia Chan

"Comments on Harry: Very ' punctual', 'never' fly aeroplane. An excellent recorder and music teacher. Has a great sense of humor. It's fun to be his student
---Alex Yu

"Undoubtedly, he's an interesting guy, full of enthusiasm in promoting the learning of recorder, good humour, generous....... yet he seems not to know what timing isó not punctual at all! God!! Let Him Hear!!!"
---Rachel Li

*A little note to all his students*:
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Thanks a lot