The Orchestra Pit of my Opera House for the Arts!!

Welcome to The Orchestra Pit!!

Below, you will find hyperlinks to some of my favorite things about music!! The "Clarinet is My LIFE!!" section is about my "clarinet career" and what I plan to do in the future. "Clarinet: A True Woodwind" is a research paper I did on the clarinet LOADED with info about the clarinet, it's past, and it's uses of today. The "Music Links" section is some great links to other music and/or instrumental musicians sites!! "Composer's Corner" is for people looking to make a friend or two on the net who share the same intrest in the fine arts. "Net Music" is a variety of MIDI files which you can listen to while Surfin'!!! Don't forget to stop by and see what's happening in the "Sax Section" if you're a saxophone player, and if you love fine arts as much as I do, than Blue Lake is the place for you! So, relax, and "listen" to the music!!!

My Resume: Awards and Honors as a Clarinetist

Clarinet is my LIFE

Clarinet: A True Woodwind

Music Links for Everyone

Composer's Corner(a message board)

Net Music

My trips to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

The Sax Section

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