The Stage Presents: Les Miserables
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The Stage Presents: Les Miserables

As many of us know, acting is a big part of the Fine Arts. One of my personal favorite examples of acting and drama, is the all-time musical, Les Miserables. This wonderful play is the story of a man, Jean Valjean, who is in prison for 20 year for stealing a loaf of bread. In the beginning of the play though, he is just getting out of prison, and is set on perol. After out of prison, he ignores his duties of perol, and becomes a whole new personality. In his new personality, he becomes the mayor of a small town, and the owner of the large factory which just happens to provide jobs for most of the population. Now, all this time, a police officer by the name of Javert, is trying to find Valjean.
One of the factory workers, Fantine, is soon fired for having difficulties with the foreman of the factory, and because the rest of the workers have found out that her daughter, Cosette, is being put up at a local inn. Fantine then turns to prostitution to pay for Cosette's food and shelter at the inn. After catching a disease, Fantine becomes gravely ill, and the mayor(aka Valjean)promises to take care of Cosette for as long as he lives. It is around this time that Valjean has been discovered, and is stalked by Javert.
Meanwhile, Cosette is treated like a slave at the inn where she is living. Beaten, and mistreated, Valjean finds Cosette, and takes her away from the family for a price of 1,500 franks(he payed the inn-keeper) Still stalked by Javert, he takes her to a cottage in the country, where hopefully, he is not discovered.
Cosette soon grows up, and falls in love with a man named Marius. The two met by way of the inn-keepers daughter, Eponine(don't worry; she's a good guy!!But, she too is in love with Marius, but he doesn't know it.). Now at the same time, the French government persicutes the poor(which is basically the story setting), and the poor doesn't want to take it, so all the men go to war. Unfortunatly, Marius is a soldier in this war. So, he now has a choice...go to war for his fellow people, or stay with his beloved Cosette, and not risk anything. He ends up going to war, and is shot. Because Eponine is also in love with Marius, she goes to the Baricades with him, and is killed. Marius is shot, but luckily, Valjean saves him. Javert is also a part of the was, but was caught as a enemy spy, and is given over to Valjean to decide if he lives or dies. Valjean spares his life, but because Javert felt in debt to Valjean, the enemy for so long, he kills himself anyway by jumping off a bridge. Needless to say that the poor people lost the war. But because Marius was saved, the happy couple soon get married.
Soon after, Valjean becomes ill and dies. But before he does, he informs Cosette of a personal diary he kept, so she would know all the answers of her childhood. The story ends by Valjean, Fantine, Eponine, and all those killed in the war marching to heaven.

This is only the long in short of it. To fully experience this play, and all it's wonderful music, acting, and emotion, you'd have to see it for yourself!!!

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