Mage Hall







Heading down to the catacombs in search of more interesting places, you stumble upon a heave wooden door, flanked by two impassive gargoyles. A plaque above the door reads: "FEEL FREE TO ENTER THIS PLACE, BUT DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM WITHIN". As you walk into the room, the gargoyles stir slightly, and you realize exactly what their purpose is. For you have found your way into the Chateau Vault. Inside are several display cases with different artefact within. In front of each case is a brief description of each item that lays within the case beyond it.

~ The Great Amethyst Ring ~

This ring is one of Tamanier's most valuable possessions as it has many abilities that feed directly to it's wearer:
         1 - It is the "Source Stone" from which all of the smaller
             rings are tied into. As a result, through it, he can
             locate and communicate with the wearers of the minor
         2 - Through this ring, Tamanier can draw upon the resources
             of the other Ring-Bearers. i.e.: Wits, Intelligence,
             Perception, Strength, and Stamina.
         3 - Enhances his Telepathy to reach vast distances and can
             enter any type if mind.

The Lesser Rings are to a lesser degree the same as the "Source". These rings are extremely rare and are only available through Tamanier himself as he is the only one who knows how to make them.

~ Thaumaturgical Fetishes ~

Through his all-encompassing knowledge of Thaumaturgy, Tamanier has used the particular ability granted by Spirit Thaumaturgy to entrap the spirits of those whom he has destroyed in small crystal spheres. It is rumored that those who are trapped, can be forced to use their abilities at their Master's whim. If this is true, woe to those who meet final death at our Lord's hand, for they will never truly die.

Rumors persist that Pontifex DeVille has entrapped the spirits of an Elder Lasombra of the Sabbat, a True Brujah, a Tzimisce, a Toreador and most incredible of all, a Salubri.

While not used often, due to the complications inherent in doing so, they have come in handy from time to time.


~ The Sword of DeVille ~

Many of Lord DeVille's enemies have perished on the edge of this sword. When Lord DeVille wields it in earnest, it bursts into flames that more often than not send many of his enemies into Rotscherek and they flee in terror. On many occasions in ages gone by, the mere appearance of a sword such as this on the battlefield could cause the complete collapse of morale of an opposing force.

This is a Medieval Broadsword, and it's use alone in modern day would be a severe breach of the Masquerade. As such, he only uses it on special occasions, and more importantly, in a private and controlled environment.

Rotscherek Roll - Courage Roll, difficulty 6
Damage - Strength+Potence+5 = 14 (5+4+5) Melee 6, Diff 6

~ The Tapestry of the Blood ~

This is a legendary item, and has only appeared in a few records of the Kindred. No one knows precisely where the item is located, though many would pay much to find out. However, should one discover it's location, they would soon realize the futility of trying to acquire it. The tapestry is a huge and ornate wall hanging, woven in scintillating hues by obvious expert hands, and adorned with patterns that seem to change as one looks at them. To properly use the item, it must be saturated with at least 10 blood points. It will then show a variety of scenes in it's weavings; tales vary as to precisely what can be viewed there, but accounts have stated things as different as the Great Flood, the near future, the founding of the Second City, the secret weaknesses of a mighty Methuselah, and Gehenna.

All the visions, however, relate directly to the Kindred, past, present or future. There is so much to see in the tapestry that gazing into its depths requires a full night and a roll of Perception + Occult; the more successes gained, the more useful or relevant the information acquired. A botch may either give misleading information or lead to the discovery of a horrible truth about the Kindred, resulting in a Derangement.

Needless to say, Tamanier only consults with this artifact on an as needed basis, and only then through a judicious use of Willpower. He has gained much knowledge and power from its use, but it is his most prized possession, and his greatest secret.


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