NovaMatic 2000 (2.0)

What is NovaMatic?

It is a freeware Win32 program designed to create cool graphic effects known as novas on existing windows bmp images.

What are people saying about NovaMatic?

Screenshots (before and after)

Globular Rays Supernova
Globular Before Rays Before Supernova Before
Globular After Rays After Supernova After


Frequently asked Questions:

Q: I can't open the file I just created

A: Be sure you write the extension of the file (.bmp) to the name you're trying to use. For instance, instead of saving to "myimage", type "myimage.bmp". This is caused by the fact that Microsoft made the stupid decision to hide extensions of files by default in its operating systems.

Where can I download Novamatic?

Novamatic 2000 (without installer/uninstaller) 156 Kb

(just delete program folder to uninstall)

Novamatic 2000 (with installer/uninstaller) 935 Kb

at ITAM at Simtel Worldwide, preferred
  at domainDLX
  at ITAM (Mexico)
  at Geocities least preferred

Plans for next version

I really don't think that I will be able to release a next version in the near future. However, any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

Even though I worked hard on this version of Novamatic, I decided it should be free. So, if you like the program, I'd love to receive a postcard from your town or country. Please write to:

Fernando González del Cueto,
Aviñon 9,
Col. Villa Verdún,
México DF, 01810

Noramally, I would give the source code (Delphi 3.0) free of charge. However, I've lost it after a hard drive crash :(

If you would like to say anything about Novamatic, please email me at fcueto (at) (Your email address will not be distributed to anybody, your privacy will be protected).

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