Rossler & Lorenz Screensaver

What is this?

A freeware Windows screensaver based on the chaotic dynamic systems discovered by Rossler and Lorenz.


Rossler system Lorenz system
Rossler system screenshot
Lorenz system screenshot

Actually, this static screenshots cannot represent the beauty of the movement of the dynamic system. You have to see it working!

For more information about chaotic dynamic systems, the book Essence of Chaos by Lorenz is an excellent source of information.


After installing the screensaver, go to the Control Panel into the Display icon and under the Screensaver tab select the Rossler Screensaver.

Known BUG:

Where can I download the Rossler & Lorenz Screensaver?

Novamatic 2000 (without installer/uninstaller) 126 Kb

(Just unzip ROSSLER.SCR in the Windows folder to install. Just delete de file to uninstall)

Novamatic 2000 (with installer/uninstaller) 726Kb

at domainDLX at ITAM preferred
at Geocities preferred at domainDLX
  at Geocities least preferred

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The source code is lost so I'm unable to share it :( .

If you would like to say anything about my Rossler & Lorenz Screensaver, email me at (Your email address will not be distributed to anybody, your privacy will be respected and protected)

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