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Fernando González del Cueto

What is Delay Run?

Delay Run is a win32 program designed to delay the startup of programs. How could this be helpful? I've found that sometimes I want to have some programs loaded in memory, but I don't want them to be executed right away. Usually one wants to have control of the computer as soon as possible without having to wait for a dozen of little utilities to be loaded first.

How to use it?

It is required that the file delayrun.ini is in the same folder as the main executable. I recommend to copy both files (delayrun.exe and delayrun.ini) to your windows directory (usually c:\windows or c:\winnt)

The format of the file is simple, but strict:

The first line indicates the number of seconds the program must wait before launching programs.

After the first line, each program must be specified in a group of 3 lines:

For example, a valid delayrun.ini file is

seconds before launching programs
c:\program files\myprog.exe  
program 1 (filename)
program 1 (path)
program 1 (parameters)
program 2 (filename)
program 2 (path)
program 2 (parameters)
program 3 (filename)
program 3 (path)
c:\my documents\mydoc.txt  
program 3 (parameters)

Note: Please don't forget to add a shortcut to your Windows startup folder to delayrun.exe

Where can I get it?

Please download it from

Code and future versions

Many people have asked for allowing different timings for each program. This should not be a difficult task, but I haven't had the time to implement it. I hope

I tried to make the program as simple as possible, to speed up the execution. The program is made in Delphi 3.0. If you want to take a look at the code, please contact me.

Remark about the filename

I did not know there was a similar program, not surprisingly with the same name, that is shipped with some HP Pavilion systems. If you're looking for that file, please don't be confused with this small utility.

Contact the author

I appreciate any kind of comments and suggestions.

Fernando González del Cueto