The McGonigal

It is an unusual feat for a bagpipe band to celebrate almost 50 years of existence, but then it was an unusual man who founded the band.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland of Irish parents (his mother from County Down; his father from County Donegal), Sean McGonigal spent part of his Irish youth in Ireland. As a young man, Sean won a scholarship to the Scottish Master Painters and Decorators Academy, and in 1929, took his expertise as a sign painter and emigrated to the United States. Sean opened his own business as a sign painter shortly following his arrival after settling in Kearny, New Jersey.

It wasn't long before Sean became involved in organized piping, an interest that would consume the rest of his life. In 1933 he helped to form the Brian Boru Pipe Band as well as assisting other beginning pipe bands state wide. In 1949, Sean founded a pipe band that he wanted to be different than any that had gone before. He chose St. Columcille to represent his ideal - the unity of the Gael. Sean wanted St. Columcille's to represent all who were proud of their blood and heritage and the band was no sooner formed than it was out making it's first appearance in October, 1949 in the Holy Name Parade in West Orange, New Jersey.

Sean's interest was not limited only to bagpipes. He had great interest in different cultures and a love of foreign tongues. In addition to being fluent in Gaelic, Sean also spoke German, Yiddish, French. Italian, Spanish and several American Indian dialects. His vast knowledge of the history of the American Indian qualified him as a contestant in the $64,000 Dollar Question, the popular 1950's quiz show. Sean's expertise in American Indian heritage allowed him to become a member of various Indian organizations, including the American Indian Congress and the Arrow Society .

During the Kearny Memorial Day Parade, in 1965, while leading the John F. Kennedy Pipe Band, a group of young pipers and drummers organized by Sean, he collapsed to the ground. He was later pronounced dead at West Hudson Hospital.

"the Chief has died, but is not dead..."

"Passing the Torch"

J.Patrick McGonigal

Seans spirit is still leading the band. His son J. Patrick McGongal had taken on the duties of Pipe Major while his brother James performed the duties of Drum Major. James no longer performs actively with the band but is still a major force of support and guidance. Pat is now Pipe Major Emeritus, a title well earned and appropriate for his continued dedication and service to this organization.

Joseph P. McGonigal Jr.

Now the mantel his fallen on Joseph P. McGonigal Jr. Joe has been with the band for many years and has held positions from Drum Sergeant on up to Pipe Major. He is the musical director and mentor to the Grade III and IV bands. Joe has also played with Grade II City of Manchester, but now devotes his time mostly to St C's. Joe also provides tutelage to the Governor Livingston High School Pipe Band, Berkley Heights, NJ.

The Rest of the Clan

Joe is joined in the band with his other brothers and cousins. Sean currently is Pipe Sergeant for the Grade III band, Kevin provides pipe lessons and is the Grade III Bass drummer. Joe's cousin, Bill Burt, performs with the Grade III band. Eamonn, son of Kevin McGonigal plays tenor in the GR V.

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