Here at last are some new sound files!

The choral samples are only 16- and 32-bit Real Audio files, but are not on a RealServer, so you'll have to download them.

You can hear all the other songs we've recorded at The Seattle Choral Company's home page.

Each of the choral samples is 60 seconds long, and the file size is listed in case you are on a slow modem or in a hurry. The Irish midi medley is approximately 3 and a half minutes. We begin with:

Beata Virgo (Hamilton) 16-bit 190KB
32-bit 300KB
Totus Tuus (Gorecki) 16-bit 190KB
32-bit 300KB

These two clips are both from our first album, The Moon is Silently Singing. Below are some clips from our second album When The Morning Stars Sang Together. To hear clips of all the songs on both albums be sure to check out our Choir web page.

Ave Maria (Bruckner) 16-bit 190KB
32-bit 300KB
Lux Aeterna (Hamilton) 16-bit 190KB
32-bit 300KB

An original midi file of some Irish piping music. 28K.mid

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