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This page is part of an ongoing project for school. It is not fully completed yet. Bear with me as I work on this page every other day. It is a very large list, so it will probably take a while to complete. Thank You for your patience!

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"Search Engines w/Beethoven, Ludwig van as the Query"

GoTo Search Results: Ludwig van Beethoven
SEARCH.COM - Infoseek search results - Ludwig van Beethoven
Lycos Search: Ludwig van Beethoven
Yahoo! Search Results:Ludwig van Beethoven
AltaVista: Simple Query Ludwig van Beethoven
Dogpile Search: Ludwig van Beethoven

General Beethoven "Stuff"

The Classical Music's Beethoven Page
The Classical Music's Beethoven Page...They have lots of MIDI's, pre-ZIPPED for your convience.
Beethoven Depot
Lots and Lots of Beethoven Stuff...Jokes, the Letters to the Immortal Beloved, Pictures, More MIDI's than you can shake a stick at...A good place to go if you're just starting out on your Beethoven Quest.

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