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This Web site is designed and maintained by Carmelite laity on behalf of the Discalced Carmelite nuns of the monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Haifa, Israel.


Photo albums

Click the flower photo at the right to view the Flowers of Mt. Carmel. [Flower photographs courtesy of Sr. Mary Stephen, OCD]

Flowers of Mt. Carmel

Trees of Mt. Carmel

Click the photo on the left to view the Trees of Mt. Carmel. [Tree photographs courtesy of Sr. Mary Stephen, OCD]


Vocations Information

Could God be calling you to give yourself to Him in a life of love, prayer, and sacrifice? The Discalced Carmelite nuns of Mount Carmel welcome your vocation-related inquiries and will reply by snail mail. Please note, however, that all other e-mail messages are handled by the Carmelite laity.


Take a guided tour!

We've developed an informative tour that shares some of the history of the community of Carmelite nuns who live on Mount Carmel. Sr. Miriam-Dvora, a former novice at the monastery, is your tour guide. This young American woman no longer lives in Haifa, and has returned to the U.S. as a Secular Carmelite but maintains strong ties with the monastery.



We continue to add photos, music, prayers, and other items. So, keep coming back! May God reward all our construction volunteers!


Our aim...

We wish to promote the communities and the culture of this holy mountain, in the hope that you will be inspired to visit Mount Carmel and the Carmelites through all that will emerge on this site!

After you've visited....

Email us at to let us know what you think. And don't forget to sign the Flos Carmeli Guestbook.


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