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This web page presents some piano and vocal music published using Noteworthy Composer.   The NWC2 Files icon indicates songs in the new NWC2 format, which are presented in a separate zip file.

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NoteWorthy Composer Noteworthy Composer (NWC) is a shareware music notation program that lets you enter songs in music notation format, print them, and play them back. It also imports and exports MIDI files. It costs about $39 US, and in my opinion is an excellent value. All the songs on this page were created using this program.
NoteWorthy Player Noteworthy Player is a free version of the program that can read and play back music composed in NWC. It can also play back MIDI files, displaying the notation as the music plays. For NWC files, this means you can see the lyrics as the song plays! Download it and see for yourself.

Classical Piano Music

The following piano pieces are grouped by author. Some are the full version, others are simplified adaptations.   They are classified as E=Easy, I=Intermediate or D=Difficult.   [Download from]
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata no. 8 in C minor, op. 13 "Pathétique". All three movements are presented here, with printable scores that include piano fingering. Originally adapted from the Midi file obtained from The Classical MIDI Archives, but totally re-written to take advantage of NWC 1.70 capabilities. D

Ludwig van Beethoven: Für Elise. This full version has a good quality printout and (I think) really good playback. Makes use of the Boxmarks Font I
NWC2 Files

Frederic Chopin: Waltz in A minor (1829). The full version with proper dynamics and a nice printout. This piece can be played by an intermediate piano student. Originally adapted from The Chopin Midi Library. Compare this with my version. If you know where I can get a CD with this on it, please let me know I
NWC2 Files
Frederic Chopin: Prélude (Opus 28, nos. 4, 6 and 7). These pieces are from Chopin's "24 Préludes", Opus 28. The MIDI files in The Chopin Midi Library are way better than those in Classical Midi Archives Chopin Page. Compare them with mine. NWC version 1 files require the Crescendo Font to properly display hairpin crescendo symbols.  I
NWC2 Files
Frederic Chopin: The following are two incomplete versions of his Nocturnes - Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 and Nocturne Op. 72, No. 1, which I hope to complete someday. Why is it that the only three nocturnes I really like are the first three he wrote: Op. 72 (written in 1827 but published posthumously) and Op. 9 Nos. 1 & 2? D

W. A. Mozart: Piano Sonata in A major (K331) Andante grazio. This piece includes only the theme and first variation. I

W. A. Mozart: Piano Sonata in F major (K332) Adagio, second movement. In my opinion this is the most beautiful Mozart piano piece. D

W. A. Mozart: Piano Sonata in C major (K545) Allegro. This is the first movement of this so-called "Easy Sonata". I

Johann Sebastian Bach: Two-part Invention for the Piano, No. 13. This piece has the mathematical beauty of flowing chord changes and alternating voices, and also sounds wonderful. One of my favorites, and not too hard to play. I

Johann Sebastian Bach: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. Simplified version for the intermediate piano student. E

Muzio Clementi: Sonatina - Op. 36, No. 1. This is the first part (Spiritoso) of this popular work.  E

Muzio Clementi: Sonatina - Op. 36, No. 2. The first and third parts are included here. E

Carl Czerny: Study Opus 139, No. 86. I

Brian's Song - from the television movie. Its a nice intermediate piece to play. I

Pachelbel's Canon. Two different simplified versions - a shorter one in D (the original key), and a longer (and better) one in C. E

Theme Song from "Titanic". Simplified version for the intermediate piano student. Includes lyrics. E

Peter Tchaikovsky:  Barcarolle D
NWC2 Files only!
C. P. E. Bach:  Solfeggio in C Minor.  Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714 - 1788) was the most famous son of Johann Sebastian Bach.  This selection, often called Solfeggietto, is a brilliant showpiece.  Published in 1770, it is one of his best known works.  I
NWC2 Files only!

Choir Music

These are songs I transcribed for a local choir. They are intended for printout, but the first five have a piano accompaniment, so they sound better when played.  [Download from]

A la Rurru Nino - a Spanish lullaby, arr. Michael Neaum. 3 voices plus piano accompaniment.
May the Lord Bless You and Keep You - a classic hymn by John Rutter. 2 voices plus piano. This song is also on the Noteworthy Composer Scriptorium.
Rise Again - Leon Dubinsky, arr. Valerie Long. 3 voices plus *NEW* piano accompaniment.
O Valiant Hearts - Gustav Holst. 2 piano voices with bass accompaniment.
I Vow to Thee, My Country - Gustav Holst. Piano accompaniment only.
Dance, Dance, Dance - Eastern European folksong by Mary Donnelly. 3 voices.
Niska Banja - Serbian Gypsy Dance, arranged by Nick Page. 4 voices.
The Rhythm of Life - Dorothy Fields, Cy Coleman. 3 voices.
Old Joe Clark - arranged by Mary Goetze. 3 voices.
Younger Generation - Ira Gershwin, Aaron Copland. 2 voices.
A Great Big Sea - A Newfoundland folk song. One voice, no accompaniment. Uses the Boxmarks Font once, at the end. You can download the font from the link and install it.
Didn't Ma Lawd Deliver Daniel - A Negro Spiritual. Three voices, no accompaniment. Uses the Boxmarks Font in a very few places.
Lord, At All Times - A hymn by Felix Mendelssohn, arranged by Wallace Gillman. Three voices, no accompaniment.

Vocal Solo Music

Note: These songs are intended to be used for accompanying a singer during practice sessions when a pianist is not available. They are also useful in singing lessons when the teacher would rather focus on the student than on playing the piano. In Noteworthy Composer the melody line can be muted for a more authentic accompaniment. I do not believe that making this material available will cause anyone to not purchase the very reasonably priced songbooks.

Most of these songs were transcribed from 2nd edition (Fall 1998) of the Songbook Series (books 4, 5 and 6) published by the Royal Conservatory of Music.  Each song has a piano accompaniment with a flute melody line.  [Download from]
An den Mond (To the Moon)- Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Frühlingslied (Spring Song) - Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
An die Nachtigall (To the Nightingale) - Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
An Den Sonnenschein (To the Sunshine) - Words: Robert Reinick (1805-1852) Music: Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
The Wish - Fryderyk Chopin. This is set in the key of A (as in the older version) rather than B (in the current version).
No Quiero Casarme - Traditional Spanish
Motherless Child - American Negro Spiritual
Turn Ye To Me - Traditional Scottish, arr. Evelyn Sharpe (note: this is a better arrangement than that in the Songbook)
When Love is Kind - English folk melody, arranged by A. Lehmann.
With a Primrose - Norwegian folk song. Music: Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), Lyrics: John O. Paulsen (1851-1924)
The Owls - Peter Jenkyns
Chanson de Florian - Benjamin Godard
Baruch Hamakom - Srul Irving Glick. Translation: Blessed be the omnipresent, blessed is he, blessed is he who gave the Torah to his people Israel.
Orpheus with his Lute - Lyrics by William Shakespeare, music by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Solo extract from Kyrie Eleison - Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Ave Maria - Johann Sebastian Bach (not from the Songbook)
Think of Me - from Phantom of the Opera. This song was re-arranged for use in a memorial service.

Glorea Deo - Music and lyrics by David Ouchterlony.  I really like this simple song.     NWC2 Files only!
Misty - Music by Johnny Burke, lyrics by Errorr Garner.     NWC2 Files only!

Musical Theatre

This is a selection of musical theatre pieces that I have transcribed. They each have a piano accompaniment, with most of them having a melody line played by a flute.  [Download from]
I Should Have Danced All Night - from My Fair Lady. The score was recently improved using the Noteworthy 1.55 staff layering facility.
Far From the Home I Love - from Fiddler on the Roof
Sunrise, Sunset - from Fiddler on the Roof
I Feel Pretty - from West Side Story
Little Lamb - from Gypsy
I Dreamed a Dream - from Les Miserables. Now finished! This score takes full advantage of Noteworthy's staff layering feature.
On My Own - from Les Miserables. (this link does a nice job of telling the story.)
Bring Him Home - from Les Miserables. Beautiful solo sung by Jean Valjean.
Memories - from Cats, by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Don't Cry for Me Argentina - from Evita, by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Wish You Were Here - from the 1952 musical "Wish You Were Here". Words and music by Harold Rome. The printout quality is not the best.
Comedy Tonight - from the 1962 musical A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum. Words and music by Stephen Sondheim. Again, not the best printout.
Giants in the Sky - From the musical Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim. This only has a melody line.

Christmas Carols

Here are a few Christmas carols.  [Download from]
O Holy Night - This arrangement is relatively easy to play. If you know a better one, let me know.
The Coventry Carol - This is a very simple arrangement.
O Little Town of Bethlehem - I love this beautiful arrangement.

The History of Updates to this Web Page

Oct 04, 2004
The layout has been simplified.  Songs are now available only in NWC format, in zip files.  I am about to lose the website that lets me store individual NWC files, and I want to reduce maintenance effort.
Aug 28, 2004
Add seven songs (four of them new) in the new NWC2 format.
Mar 21, 2004
Converted from hand editing to NVu, the next version of Netscape Composer.  Fixed some broken links, with the help of this great link checker.. New files coming soon.
Nov 23 2003 I have been away for a while. I fixed the broken links to the NWC Scriptorium and Boxmarks font. I plan to add new stuff in a few months.
June 08 2001 Added Bach's Invention No. 13
June 06 2001 The files on this page used to be hosted by AcmeCity, which has been shut down. (You get what you pay for.) I am in the process of transferring the files to Rogers@Home, which I do pay for, therefore should hopefully stick around for a while.
June 17 2000 Added some Mozart piano sonatas.
Mar 05 2000 Added three of Chopin's 24 Préludes.
Feb 07 2000 New Sonatinas by Muzio Clementi - Op. 36, no. 1 and 2.
Jan 09 2000 Many new songs have been added, including all three movements of Beethoven's Pathetique piano concerto. These songs all use the new NWC 1.70 Beta release.
Jun 20 1999 This page now provides direct access to NWC files! No more unpacking ZIP files just to look at a song. Unfortunately, this only works for Internet Explorer users.
Jun 20 1999 Added "When Love is Kind" (folk song), plus "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" and Pachelbel's Canon.
May 16 1999 Added "Bring Him Home" (from Les Miserables), "With a Primrose" and "I'll Give My Love an Apple".
Mar 29 1999 Added "Fur Elise".
Jan 09 1999 Three new choir songs.
Dec 31 1998 Added "An Den Sonnenschein" and "Little Lamb".
Nov 13 1998 Added "No Quiero Casarme".
Nov 02 1998 Added 2 Gustav Holst songs, plus "O Holy Night".
Sep 29 1998 Added "Trolls" and "Spring Song"; Schubert songs now have German lyrics. "Rise Again" has piano accompaniment.
Sep 09 1998 "I Dreamed a Dream" is now complete.

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