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Genealogy and Family
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Necessary Fried Chicken-An online book in progress

Click on the "Next" button at left and join Reverend John DuBois, Cotton Gin Maker, Planter, Writer, and Methodist minister, as he gazes back over the years and remembers traveling to Alabama from South Carolina as a young man in 1820. Relive with him the joys and challenges of settling in a new and beautiful land fraught with ironies and sweetness, troubles and healing. Hear also about the early days of Methodism in Charleston and Alabama where missions to educate and bringreligion to slaves were not always met with enthusiasm. From the book, Necessary Fried Chicken.

Methodism---History and Genealogy
Click on the camp meeting to learn more about the History of Methodism and how to research your Methodist ancestors.
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Lawyers for the Ethical, Spiritual, and Moral Practice of Law
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