My personal ad ...

 (No picture for you...)
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lb (approx.)
Body Type: Lean and athletic
Religion: Agnostic
Education: Master's degree
Marital Status: Single, no children
Drink: Occasionally/socially
Smoke: Nope!

I'd like to think of myself as a well-rounded person. Whether it was sliding into the icy crater of the volcano at Lassen, or canoeing amid alligators in the Florida Everglades... Whether it was the soothing breeze high atop the Eiffel Tower, or the chanting sounds in the shrines of Kathmandu... The heart-beats I skipped as I faced a panel of professors at my Master's defense :), or my satisfaction at having helped a not-so-privileged adult become literate -- I've tried to imbibe the richness of life's experiences and let them shape me. And I always yearn for more!

.......These days, I find myself digging my fingers into a computer for a living :-). I work hard and play hard! I use music to relax (jazz, classical, pop/rock), and am learning to play the keyboard. I like watching independent films. Outdoors, I run (about 5 miles regularly), hike, or rollerblade. I enjoy reading and listening to NPR. I value kindness and compassion, and in an effort to live by these, I volunteer (for the Blind Society and elsewhere).

.... Does any of this sound interesting? Do drop me a line. The pleasure will be mine!