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Mrs. Michele Silaban - 11/24/00 16:06:07
My Email:michele_tambunan@yahoo.com
Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 40:31
Church: Baptist (generally) and a few others

Have we met before at the women's Bible Study in Pontianak? You have a lovely website. I'll be praying for your knee. There aren't many paved streets around your part of the world. I'll also be praying for your time during Christmas. I've been a Canadian expat for 7 years and I still long for family and friends and turkey. God bless!

Kathy Springsteen - 11/19/00 07:15:13
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Birthday: 10/27/1970
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Church: Loma Rica Community

I am a substitute teacher and I am finishing up my teaching credential. I live in Northern California with my husband, daughter, and son. I lived in PNG from 1981 to 1985 and attended grade 8 at Ukarumpa in 1984. I am interested in your website and eve ything you are doing, since it relates to my life. I would like it if you would write to me as an e-mail pen pal. I will pray for your safety and continued healing. Kathy

Risto Sarsa - 11/03/00 13:42:23
My Email:risto.sarsa@sekl.fi

Hi, greetings from Finland. You have a nice site. It was wonderful to see a picture of the 2nd Graders with our Toni in it. I will show it to him, when he comes home. God's blessing. Risto

Linda Ball - 09/21/00 03:38:25
My Email:BalllTL@aol.com
Birthday: 3/25/57
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11-14
Church: Northside Baptist

Just a quick note to let you know that God has laid it on my heart to pray for you and the people you minister to. How long will you be assigned to PNG? Do you have specific personal needs or heart burdens you would like me to pray for? May God sustain and richly bless your dedication and service! In Him, Linda Ball

Kimmer - 09/10/00 01:35:51
My Email:Turtlegrl452@aol.com
Birthday: 3-14-85
Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 10:9-10
Church: St. Pauls UMC

God Bless you! Keep up the good work

David Alvin - 08/19/00 15:23:47
My Email:dateam100@hotmail.com
Birthday: December 11, 1971
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 22:16
Church: Howe Memorial United Methodist Church

It is great hearing from you! Pray for our new Sunday School program started September 10 -- Outback Kids.

Bill Barnes - 07/22/00 01:16:44
My Email:ru.bill@gateway.net
Church: Old North, Canfield, OH

My wife and I know Grace Fabian and some of the family. They have served with Wycliffe in Papua New Guina for many years.

Richard Lawley - 07/18/00 18:36:25
My URL:http://hotyellow98.com/thelawleys
My Email:Richard_Lawley@sil.org
Birthday: 10/24/67
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Church: Northwest Baptist in Fresno, CA

Great web page. We are at the ILC in Dallas. I was setting up some computers and stumbled across your web page. If you see Rodney Ballard tell him hi from me. God Bless

Cecilia - 07/02/00 22:32:18
My Email:cesamy@yahoo.co.uk
Birthday: 25 July
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 139
Church: Evangelical

Good job! Thank you. I'm really encouraged by what you do and the people who work alongside you. God bless.

Peter Blake - 06/19/00 14:16:08
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My Email:pgb22@technologist.com
Birthday: 7th November 1977
Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
Church: New Life Christian Fellowship, Beccles, Suffolk, UK

Well, Dave told me the URL, so I thought I'd come and take a look. Good job.

David Liming - 06/04/00 13:54:08
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My Email:d.liming@sil.org.pg
Church: USA-Grace Community Fellowship, PNG- English Lotu

Very nice site. I hope I have one as good someday.

karen - 06/02/00 14:25:16
My URL:http://hometown.aol.com/holycsoli/myhomepage/profile.html
My Email:oblio@canoemail.com
Birthday: 6/23/69
Favorite Bible Verse: hard to say
Church: hungarian catholic

You have a very interesting site , i commend you on the work you do .

Mathew - 05/22/00 05:05:02
My Email:werigs@yahoo.com.au
Birthday: 4/1/71
Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16
Church: CRC ( PNG)


Eric Mortinson - 04/29/00 19:01:49
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/journal/png
My Email:utahjz@yahoo.com
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Peter 5:7
Church: Rogue Valley Community Church
Nice site! Hope to Maybe see ya in PNG!

Samson Komati Yuimb - 04/28/00 15:50:06
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/skyfdn
My Email:skyuimb@hotmail.com
Birthday: 16/09/72
Favorite Bible Verse: John 3:16
Church: Lutheran
Kim: Great website! If you have friends or wantoks that live in USA, there will be a PNG Independence Day gathering for all PNGians and friends of PNG living in USA. The location is Thousand Oaks, California at the campus of California Lutheran University. I a a student there, a native of Mt. Hagen, PNG. Please pass the word around if you can. For more information, visit my website at ULR: http://www.oocities.com/skyfdn Thank you and God bless you wantok! Samson

Linda Goldsberry - 04/20/00 15:54:19
My Email:lgoldsberry@teamvest.com
Birthday: 5/8
Church: To the Praise of His Glory
Kimberly -- I have moved to NC for the Lord said it was time to come down here to move. New address for now: 3120 Passour Ridge Lane, Charlotte, NC 28269. This is only temporary. You can always reach me at my email addresses: work: lgol sberry@teamvest.com; personal: lagolds@yahoo.com. I didn't know how to send you an email except through prayer request box. Awesome website. Sounds like all is going well. Happy Easter!!

Carol & Dick Cover - 04/11/00 17:32:24
My Email:lets_be_well@compuserve.com
Church: NCC/Northfield
Many Blessings to you, Kim. May your ministry touch lives for generations to come.

David & Andrea Mathieson - 03/13/00 03:16:29
My Email:d-a.mathieson@sil.org.pg
Favorite Bible Verse: Eph 3 : 14-21
Thanks for sharing information with us about web pages. You have inspired us.

Jennifer Iverson - 02/29/00 01:24:05
My Email:jaiverso@gloria.cord.edu
Birthday: 1/14/77
Favorite Bible Verse: Phillipians 4:8
Church: Bethesda Lutheran
Hi Kim! Have a nice day! Cool web pages! Awesome!

Linda Iverson - 02/21/00 16:08:42
My Email:iversond@gctel.com
Your web page looks terrific!

Bruce& Gini Miller - 11/18/99 05:14:52
My Email:bmiller928@juno.com
Birthday: B 9/28 G 3/26
Favorite Bible Verse: B John 3:16
Church: Lakewind Fellowship
Got your newsletter. Excited to see whats happening in PNG.

Greg Baker - 11/18/99 00:55:51
My Email:musicjunkie@iwon.com
Birthday: 1-29-73

Dave & Glenna Shold - 11/17/99 00:25:23
My Email:shold@compuserve.com
Church: CHF
Bless you Kimberly. Thanks for the newsletter. Enjoyed it.

Jerry Pfaff - 10/24/99 05:59:48
My Email:j-s.pfaff@sil.org.pg

brad brubaker - 06/28/99 22:13:19
My Email:bradbrubaker@cityhill.org
Birthday: 12/2/63
Favorite Bible Verse: Rom. 12:1-2
Church: City Hill
Request prayer for Kimberly Iverson. She is a woman of God from our church who is being faithful to serve God in Papua New Guinea :)

D.C. Johnson - 03/28/99 13:13:15
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Farm/5956
My Email:djohn@ia4u.net
Favorite Bible Verse: Ps.27:4
Church: Needmore Bible Church
Thanks for visiting my page and signing my guestbook. Glad you stopped by. Best to you on getting your pages set up. May God bless you abundantly.

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