1. Why should I use the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel for my clarinet and clarinet section?

The clarinet is one of the least flexible instruments to tune because of the fixed length of the barrel. (Usually 65 or 66 millimeters long). Since the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel allows you to quickly adjust from 61 to 67mm, it provides the flexibility necessary to tune a clarinet, in even the most severe situations.

Additionally, the excellent sound and tone quality has prompted, Buffet, Artley and Armstrong to stock the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel as an option for their various clarinets.

2. It is often colder in our auditorium and outdoors than in our band room. Can the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel help the tuning problems this creates?

Yes! In colder temperatures, instruments tend to play flat. There is usually little or no room to push down the clarinet barrel, in order to raise the pitch. The ability of the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel to shorten, from 67 to 61mm, allows the clarinetist to quickly tune and compensate for the cold temperature.

3. Can the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel help my less proficient clarinet students get in tune?

Yes! Since the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel shortens to 61mm, students can get in tune as they continue to build stronger embouchures and increase reed strength. The "Click"TM Tuning Barrel is designed, if desired, to be a tuning aid, as student and teacher work to develop a correct embouchure. The "Click"TM Barrel simply works like a normal barrel, albeit, with more tuning flexibility and quality of sound.

4. Can the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel help the more accomplished player?

Yes! Since the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel provides flexible tuning with uncompromising tone quality and response, the barrel can be used by any clarinetist, regardless of ability or clarinet model. Players are now able to tune, as they play, without the use of tuning rings or additional barrels.

5. Why is the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel so lightweight?

The patented, lightweight design is directly responsible for the enhanced quality of sound of the "Click"TM Tuning Barrel. The design, not the weight, is the primary factor in establishing sound quality.

6. My "Click"TM Tuning Barrel will not open, is something wrong?

No! Since the "Click"TM Barrel uses leverage to move, it must be on the clarinet to work. Then, hold the clarinet on the upper joint just below the barrel. Reach up and cover both wheels with the pad of your thumb and press in while pushing up or down. (One wheel works independently of the other). You can use your free hand to gently pull up or push down the barrel as you press the wheel. (Good for smaller students).

If you have the "Click"TM LB (Locking Barrel), make sure that the barrel is unlocked before you attempt to open or close it!

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