Hello. I hope you like my page. I am new to HTML and would like to thank Melynda and Justin for helping me. I am 15 and in high school. I love to play the violin and listen to music. I hope to be a famous musician (at least a professional one) after I graduate college. I want to tell all my friends that I love them! I love you guys! Have fun. I love cats too. I can be really wierd at times' ask my friends. Ever seen A BUG'S LIFE? I love Hemlich. He's so cute. My friends make fun of me for it too. If anyone knows where I can get some thumbnails or icons or little pics of him please let me know! Thanks!
This can result from drunk driving. DON'T DRIVE DRUNK!
I like the angry goose guy. Aint he cute?
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(Make sure you click on where it says "Sign Guestbook". I obviously didn't enter the code correctly but it took my long enough to even get it on my page. I appologize for all the other stuff. If you click on that, all you'll get is another geo webpage about their books. Thank you.)