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Welcome to Phono-Information Central - everything you wanted to know about antique phonographs and records! Please request these fine books and catalogs, and visit again for more historic voices and music. Our steel needles are available below, and if any questions, just Ask Allen!

Columbia Cylinder Phonograph Companion, by Hazelcorn, full color, 304 pages, w/values, $49.95 Star

Pathé Phonographs & Records in America, 1914-1922, by Dethlefson/Copeland, history/labels, etc., 165 pages, 2nd ed., 49.95

Discovering Antique Phonographs, 240 pages, full colors, w/prices, Fabrizio & Paul, 49.95

Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos & Gimmicks, by Fabrizio & Paul, 228 pages, full color, hard-cover, 49.95

VOGUE: The Picture Record, New ed. by Ed Curry, shows all R-700 series Vogues: history, current values/rarity, etc., soft, 127.95

The Talking Machine: An Illustrated Compendium, by Fabrizio & Paul, 550 beautiful color photos, detailed historical chapters, price guide too, hard-bound, 69.95

The Compleat Talking Machine, new 5th ed. by Eric Reiss, over 700 photos, repair/restore, dealers/parts & supplies listed, latest machine value guide, etc., soft, 30.00

The Phonograph and How to Use It, orig. issued by Edison in 1900, exact facsimile hard covers, 182 pages, many machine drawings and instructions, coin-ops, etc., 35.95

Columbia Disc Phonograph Companion, 1899-1929, By R. Baumbach, 248 pages, history & photos, hard, all models, (as avail)

Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion, 1877-1929, by G. Frow, 400 pages, hard, all models pictured, (as avail)

Historic Juke Boxes, 1889-1993, by Frank Adams, 184 pages, color, many unusual cylinder & disc models, flexible covers, 26.95

Berliner Gramophone Records, 1892-1900, by Paul Charosh, 334 pages, all US artists, dates, titles, ?82.95

From Tinfoil to Stereo, 1877-1929, new ed. by Welch & Burt, 254 pages, illustrated, hard cover, 39.95

Look for the Dog (A Victor Guide Book), 7th ed., R. Baumbach, 320 pages, soft, all models, color photos, etc., 29.95

Phono-Graphics: Talking Machine Paraphernalia, by A. Schwartzman, full color, 120 pages, 17.95

Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound, 1857-1970, ed. Guy Marco, 7" by 10", articles on records, machines, companies, and artists, 1000 pages, 177.00

The Patent History of the Phonograph, 1877-1912, by Allen Koenigsberg, with 2,118 patents and 1,013 inventors, 2nd intro. by Ray Wile, illustrated, 49.95 Star

The Papers of Thomas A. Edison, ed. Reese Jenkins. Vol. 1: 776 pages ; Vol. 2: to 1876, 892 pages ; Vol. 3, to 1877: 752 pages, 95.00; Vol. 4: 965 pages, 1878, 96.00

Edison Cylinder Records, 1889-1912, With an Illustrated History of the Phonograph, by Allen Koenigsberg, covers over 10,000 wax cylinders, 2" & 5", 2-minute & 4-minute, brown and black wax, artists/titles/dates, 55.95 Star

The Illustrated History of the Phonograph, by Daniel Marty, 10" by 12", full color, 4 lbs., (out-of-print, but a few left), 97.00

The Incredible Music Machine: 100 Glorious Years, by Lowell, Miller & Petts, color, 288 pages, 49.95

Edison Diamond Disc Phonographs, 1912-1929, by G. Frow, history & photos, 300 pages, 25.95

Edison Blue Amberol Recordings, 2nd ed., Vol. 1, 1912-1914, by Ron Dethlefson, 212 pages, (soft), 29.95 Vol. 2, 1915-1929, 508 pages, 49.95

Picture the Songs: 19th Century American Sheet Music, by Lester Levy, history, color, 214 pages, hard, 29.95

The First (1890) Edison NA Phonograph Convention, with intro by Ray Wile, 261 pages, soft, w/ Class M Instructions, 18.95

We also have many period facsimile trade catalogs of records and machines, from 1878 to 1909, as follows:

1908 Babson/Edison Phonograph Catalog, 8" by 10", 9.95

1878-98 Display Posters (7) on the Invention of the Phonograph, 12" by 17", 17.95/set

1896 Berliner Hand-wind Instruction Manual, 8 pages, 3.50

1900 Consolidated Gramophone (Johnson) Catalog, 40 pages, 6.00

1902 Berliner Gramophone Co. Catalog, 32 pages, 5.00

1909 Victor Talking Machine Co. Catalog, 32 pages, 6.00

1901 Iver Johnson Talking Machine Supplies Catalog, 80 pages, 6.50

1898 Edison/Columbia/Pathe/Bettini Catalog, 64 pages, 8.00

1905 Edison Standard Phonograph Instructions, 8 pages, 4.00

1901 Johnson/Victor Talking Machine Co. Catalog, 20 pages, 5.00

1897 Columbia Graphophone Catalog, 20 pages, 4.00

1899 Edison Phonograph/Supplies Catalog, 24 pages, 5.00

1902 Bettini Phonograph Supplies Catalog, 40 pages, 7.00

1878 Edison Tinfoil Phonograph Instruction Manual, 4.50

1906 Edison Coin-operated Phonograph Catalog, 24 pages, 7.00

1893 Edison/North American Phonograph Catalog, 24 pages, (w/ gold braid) 6.50

1898 Roller Cob Organ Catalog, list cobs alphabetically & shows 2 models, 2.00

Victor Talking Machine Model Chart, arranged by year & # of models sold, 2.00

Looking for something that's not here? Ask anyway - we'll try to help! Also, we still have some back issues of APM available from 1973-1993 - please inquire.

Some prices include US Media Rate shipping. For First Class US Mail, and Canada by surface, please add 15%. For other foreign rates, please ask.

NYS residents, add sales tax. New books always arriving!

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