Renderings of a beginning digital camera shutterbug.

"For where two or more
are gathered in my name;
there am I
in the midst of them."
Matthew 18:20

Hi! My name is Ken and these are the results of my first encounter with a digital camera. The pictures may not be of any interest to anyone but me and my wife and kids, (or maybe just me!) but you are welcome to come in any time you feel and check out my album. I plan to add to the album every chance I have so there should be continous changes to my site. I have a fondness for small rural churches and mural paintings and tile-works on buildings. There are a number of them here in San Antonio, Texas and I will soon get them all on the site for viewing. I will also have pages with assorted pictures of nature, vehicles of all types, and family activities. If anything or anyone looks familiar, don't hesitate to "E" me and let me know! Regardless; I'd appreciate you signing my guestbook and tell me what you think or just to say "Hi". If you would like to use any of these photos, have at it! I don't require any links back to my page, but an E-mail of thanks would be appreciated! And by the way, if you get so totally bored at my site that you fall asleep at your terminal; just exit my site when you wake up and my feelings won't be hurt in the slightest!

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I signed up on 10/25/98 16:27:54, and I'm slowly moving in!!.

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Alamo City Murals

Please come back soon and visit me.

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