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"There is only one success ... to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it."-Christopher Morley

Heylo! Anne is owner of this homepage, or a.k.a Hannaice (is the anagram of her name, ICQ 28915321)! 28 yr. old Singaporean & a 200% Leo! =) She's EXTREMELY crazy, stubborn, funny, attention-seeking...and can be real bitchy sometimes!!!! aww.... =P She absolutely have NO patience for people who are judgemental, rude, dishonest, schemers,'s too short to waste on such species!

She lurves reading, mainly trashy gals mags, soccer mags, non-fiction & fiction...Her favorite book is Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt! As an intense soccer TV addict, She's a supporter of Manchester United & the Italy National Team! Her favorite Footballers: Ryan Giggs (used to), Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Alessandro Del Piero & Fabio Cannavaro.

Her Other PASSIONS in this short, miserable (if she chose to) life....

  • Traveling, sleeping, eating.....also a constant need to attend "CONSUMER THERAPY sessions (shopping)" religiously!!! ABSOLUTELY lurve music, clubbing, movies...hanging out with friends, TV....well, in no particular order... =P

    Devoted her life to her ART, she works as a TV Trailer Producer! Producing TV trailers/promos, An extremely interesting job if one chose to love the performing arts, creative work, having no life, no sleep, not many friends left & destined to be poor...

    Practically spent her childhood with a box (the goggle box)! She lurve her TV Friends, Alias, ED, Charmed (with shannen doherty) and the man, Dave...Late Show with David Letterman, Simpsons...What's TV life without the movies too, right? She loves: Amelie, He loves me, he loves me not!, Red Dragon, Lock Stock & two Smoking Barrels, Talented Mr Ripley, Saving Private Ryan, ID4, Life is Beautiful & White (Blanc, Trois Couleurs) in no particular order too.

    Music is her other biggest passion if you still haven't got it, love Classical, Rock, Pop, House, Alternative & also Jazz...anything but ABSOLUTELY despised ELEVATOR MUSIC or TONE DEAF HUMAN BEINGS WHO love singing! She was 'forced' by a Tyrant to study the piano when she was young, was the most horrific time, hee! hee! (Tyrant = her mama! keep quiet or I'll kill YOU! =P ) Struggled to complete it! (where can she claim for her lost childhood???? huh?)

  • STILL LURVE Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Ravel.
  • LURVE classical musicians include Maxim Vengerov (i want to marry him) & Yo-Yo Ma.
  • lurve Fat Boy Slim, Chemical Bros...

    Her secondary instrument is clarinet, & luckily her favorite instrument in the woodwind family. Randomly picked to play the clarinet by her band conductor Mr Ng Hung Meng! Played like crap in the band until her first break thru with clarinet tutor Mr Chua Tiong Hong. Chosen to participate in the NCO Band Major Camp in 1985 & National Music Camp for schools in 1986. After that, A member of the SYO (Singapore Youth Orchestra) for 7 years & studied with her IDOL & MENTOR, Vincent Goh, cool & suave member of the SSO. Previously also performed with the NTSB (which is known as SWS, Singapore Wind Symphony now!) for a very short time.

    Performing with the SYO was the most amazing time of her life, a mixture of satisfaction & "trauma", ha! ha! Is that what most young musicians go through? Made fabulous friends in the SYO & still very close (her life support). She also form a marvelous woodwind quintet called the Appassionato Quintet! Traveled to Kumamoto, Japan with the SYO in 30 July 1993, for the Kumamoto International Youth Music Festival! In 1994 & 1996 respectively, Chosen to represent Singapore in the 1st Asean Youth Symphonic Band Workshop held in Singapore & the 2nd held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the most memorable time, too many cute, talented men, too little time! =P

    Her passionate self lurve traveling...been to Asia, Australia, New Zealand & America!! EXTREMELY intrigued by America, was there a few times....nevertheless she's still very "smitten" =) Her best trip was in Nov 1998, All geared up for the Big Apple....other than the countless sights to see, NYC offers the widest range of entertainment and cultural activities than almost anywhere on earth. In Oct 1997, traveled to San Francisco on her own for the 1st time (met freaky man on UA flight, ARGH!!!), visited cousin Lisa & David, friends...lurve running around in strange cities on her own, not that she's a DAREDEVIL....but juz looking for trouble?!?!!! Be your own judge if you know her

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    Geez, didn't know she has so much to write about.... Thatís all, folks!!! Well, If you love her Self-indulgence, check out My Childhood