ZdorOvo! You've reached my place, so you want to find out more about Mishanya? All right. I came to the US from Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1997. I left some of my life-long friends there including my sweet dog Dick. Below is a picture of him in 1998 before he was gruesomely, cold-bloodedly, brutally and cruelly put to sleep by some f$%^ing asshole. I'm an even bigger asshole, though, for leaving him there. Anyway, I am happy to have found such great people here as Sonny, Ethan, Alan, Diman, Sanyok, and Ruslik.

25.07.1992 - 24.04.1998

Dick is a 14-year-old German Shepherd. We got him when he was a 1 month-old puppy. Afraid of us in the first few days, he cried and wanted to go back to his mother. But it only took him several weeks to bond with his new family, for which he was both the best friend and a safeguard. You can hear him bark here.

I also play the piano and compose. I finished college (Johns Hopkins University) with a Bachelor of ARTS degree in neuroSCIENCE (go figure) and hope to become a doctor one day. I like jazz, some Russian pop, and classical music, especially that of Rachmaninoff. If you do, you can click here. I also recently discovered the talent of a young musician from Kansas (originally from Kyrgyzstan) named Eldar Djangirov. His page is here and here is an excerpt on him from NPR.

One of my hobbies is constructing crossword puzzles (yes, I actually make them). I've made about 25 puzzles in Russian and 30 in English. My puzzles have appeared in The New York Times (02/13/01, 05/12/01, 06/27/01, 09/15/01, 12/04/01, 01/14/02, 07/25/02, 08/06/02, 09/05/02, 09/27/02, 10/01/02, 10/22/02, 12/12/02, 01/22/03, 02/07/03, 03/29/03, 05/16/03, 07/10/03, 07/25/03, 10/23/03, 01/08/04, 04/21/04, 09/06/04, 11/11/04, 12/03/04, 01/05/05, 07/16/05, 09/12/05, 10/14/05, 11/24/05, 12/18/05, 01/22/06, 04/27/06, 09/16/06) and some other publications. In order to download the puzzles you would first need to download a free Across Lite software to view it and subscribe to the Premium Diversions service for $34.95, and then follow ten other steps. I guess to most of you it wouldn't be worth the effort.

Some other hobbies I enjoy include playing pool, soccer, etc.

"Michael, chemistry is not like a crossword puzzle, where everything can be done by logic alone. At some point, the model has to be consistent with experimental facts." --Professor George Barany
"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." --Albert Szent-Giorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize winner
"The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge." --Daniel Boorstein, a noted historian

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