Planet Puella

* Saturday, October 8, 2005-Confession
So I just got back from confession, and let me tell you there is no better feeling than the one that is experienced after walking out of the confessional. I feel humbled, in awe of the great prescence of God, and how great He must be to forgive sins. And that's that moment nothing matters, not the structure of religion, not the rules, but the mere simplicity and majesty of the merciful moment. I'd like to capture that moment always, the simple belief that God is good, and that Jesus suffered for us. That's it. Just wondering in that moment is enough to bring me to my knees. I wonder how it happens that I get so caught up in the rules, and the structure that I lose sight of the most important fact of all.

* Saturday, October 8, 2005-Planet Groove
Ok, so last night ever! Well maybe not ever, but close. I went with Dave, Jeremy, Kim, Donna, and Martha to see Planet Groove play at India. They play latin music, all of it fast, and all of it very danceable. Donna, Martha, and I pretty much danced the whole night! It didn't hurt that the lead singer was hot either ;) So I'm going to be going through my website, fixing links, etc. I don't think I actually ever changed it so that the links are a different color than the regular text. They are links in stealth mode...ummm yeah that's it! I don't even remember what I have linked on my link page. Well til next time, God Bless.

* Saturday, October 8, 2005-"Cry me a River"
(This was written two days ago, but not uploaded until now!) Hey, well that's the current song I am listening to. Speaking of songs.... brace yourself.........HARVEY DANGER HAS A NEW ALBUM and.....please if you are not sitting...get a chair....YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEIR ENTIRE NEW ALBUM FOR FREE (BITTORRENT OR DIRECT DOWNLOAD). Ok, so I've known for a while, and haven't actually checked it out. But have a chance....check it out!!! Great album. And if you love it, you can choose to donate to them or buy the CD, or neither, your choice. Either way, you must go now and check it out! I am a huge fan of the "Where Have all the Merrymakers Gone?" album, but not so much of the one that came after that. In fact, I bought it, listened to it once not even the whole way through, and decided I was all set with that. But this one is awesome (with the exception of three songs), it is called "Little by Little". And well, if you don't like the album it's completely free, so the only thing you have wasted is time listening to it and bandwidth downloading it. Look at me using the term bandwidth like I could actually have a conversation about it. That's probably not even the right word. Fortunately, my two IRC buddies (and real life buddies too, we just like to chat in IRC) will let me know if I have made an error, they got my back like that :-P. Well I best get going to discuss bandwidth, mega bytes per second, and if I'm lucky maybe some of the deep subjects such as Linux, Java, and Perl! And if you think I can actually discuss any of those topics in any amount of detail, I will let you keep thinking that ;) However, in all seriousness, if you need someone to program you a pretty picture (a greater than sign) containing only astericks in Java, well I'm your girl. (you think that would be a marketable talent somewhere) I did write my law school writing requirement on the effect of open source software on companies. But that has nothing to do with programming, at least not directly. Wow, talk about a tangent. Anyway, be well, and God Bless.

* Wednesday, October 5, 2005-Please do not Refresh this Page, you are Actually Seeing an Update!
Howdy! Wow, it's been a little over four months. So what have I been doing you ask? I was in NJ for the most of the month of August, mostly because my second cousin from Italy was in NYC learning English. We got to see him a few times. It was funny because he didn't speak much English to us, partly because most of my family actually speaks Italian, but when it was he and I alone, his English was quite good. One family member was like, oh he didn't really learn anything did he? Well I assure you that he did. Then I came back to RI to my new place, the very end of August, and have been looking for a job ever since. Anyone know of any? For some reason, I was not qualified at a legal services in MA even though I interned at a legal services for a year, and it is quite clear that I am dedicated to that type of work. I almost called them up to see what it was exactly. My guess is "but you don't have any real work experience as an attorney" Ahhhhh I love employers. Well hey, in less than a month, Dave and I are going to be celebrating our 4 year anniversary. I seriously cannot believe it has been that long-- I'm surprised he's put up with me for so long. He is a cutie, and I love him that's for sure. Well...til next time..which will be within four months hopefully.....God Bless!

* Tuesday, May 31, 2005- Mary the Mother of God

Mary the Mother of God is worthy of much praise and devotion. She openly accepted Godís will to bring forth His most holy Son among the world. She serves as a guide to all people everywhere urging them to put Jesus at the center of their lives. Mary has appeared to many in apparitions, at Fatima, Mt. Carmel, and many others to list. She is always calling people back to her Son and our Savior. I try to devote time to Mary because through her I can get to know Jesus and God better. Mary has shown us all what it is to follow God. When I am having trouble hearing Godís will or accepting it, Mary is there to guide us on our path. Mary and the apostles really understand what it means to follow God and Jesus. I pray for even a little of the faith of the apostles and Mary for I need more faith in God. I urge whoever is reading this to take time to give thanks to Mary. Mary Mother of God, and Pure Virgin, thank you for being a guide to the lost and a beacon of light to all who strive to follow Jesus. Thank you for being with us at the hour of our death as the Hail Mary tells us. Help me to give you the proper devotion and respect you deserve. For information about the Scapular, please check out this link: Information about the Scapular

* Thursday, April 28, 2005- Just when you thought i'd never update again..
   Yesterday I had the reception for the Public Service Award, given to the person who the school feels did the most community service, not just based on hours, but meaningfulness. Needless to say I won! It was an awesome reception, and I was congratulating many many times, but I do think that the real congratulations belongs to God. He is the one who has instilled in me the desire to serve. So I am passing all of my congrautlations on to Him. I was honored to receive the award, and the reception was really nice. There were a lot of members of the legal community there. It was quite a crowd!

Finals start for me tomorrow, and end the following Friday. Then it's all about graduation baby! I am so excited to graduate. Yes, I will still have to study for the bar, but it's all good. I know I woudlnt' be anywhere without God, I can't belive I am actually graduating. Congratulations to all of my classmates. Also congratulations to all the other people graduating this year as well from different schools! :-D

* Thursday, March 10, 2005- St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael is prayed to on account of policemen and firemen. He also keeps the demons away as shown by that picture; he fought the demons and defeated them through the power of God. He is one of my favorites because when I am scared of evil or in general I ask him to help me. Also, when I am praying and having a difficult time doing so, he is there to help me. It is important to know that St. Michael, as the other saints, do everything through the power of God and by petitioning him for help it is not disrespect to God. In my mind, St. Michael is strong in person and strong in faith. For those reasons, I really feel confident asking him for help when I am feeling weak in faith. Thank you St. Michael for all of the times you have helped me. This is one of my ways of saying thanks for being there when I need you. Thanks for showing me the Holy Spirit and the power of God and Jesus within me. I hope that this passage inspires those who are feeling tempted to call out to your name. St. Michael, thank you for your good work, thank you for being an Archangel to the Almighty God. For He is the one whom you work through who deserves the ultimate thanks. I am grateful that He has chosen you to help me and others. God Bless us all.

* Tuesday, March 1, 2005- Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  I was in Boston a few weekends ago and I stumbled upon a wonderful book. The Gospel Code<-- click the title<-- In this world of skeptics, I think it is important to keep the Truth in mind. Nothing is more important than the Truth.

I have been pretty good. I have my spring break coming up starting on Friday after my internship, and I definitley can't complain about that. I'm just going to chill out and make the most of it. So I don't know how much I touched upon this subject, but I have been becoming quite the board game player. There are so many games out there that unfortunately cannot be readily found in mainstream stores, but must be found in game stores. They are fun. My friend has a ton of them, so I get a chance to play a lot of different games. It's a good hobby to have, keeps you out of trouble. Not that I am getting into trouble! Snow is nice when it's all fluffy. I wonder if it is still snowing outside. Well til next time, be good and God bless.

* Saturday, February 5, 2005- Something to hold you over
  Wow, didn't want to make it one month since I had updated this place. Things have been going well, can't complain. The weather was awesome today, thank God! I love Yahoo Launchcast radio, they have all these themed stations, and I love it! Thank you, that will be all. Oh yeah and playing pool = awesome! :-D

God Bless.

* Friday, January 7, 2005- A Message for DaVinci Code Lovers and Others
  One thing I am pretty sick of is hearing people debate the DaVinci Code and its contents with other people like it is the hard truth. First of all, this book is fiction..that's the fiction section, which first of all means that it is primarily the figment of someone's imagination. I think it's great that this book is sparking people's interest in religion. People are now debating and searching for the truth. The only place to obtain the truth is the one book that is 100% God approved, the Bible. I know that it is not always easy to grasp some of the concepts which is why there are books to help with that. The Catholic Cathecism helps with that.

On another note, I am discouraged when I hear people bash the Catholic/other Christian faiths without any good reason. Most of these people have not even read the Bible. How can someone bash a whole religion without knowing its foundation?

In closing, I urge people to search for truth. Read the Bible.

God Bless.

* Monday, January 3, 2005- Keeping with the Trend
  Alright so right now I am listening to winamp radio and there is this nelly song featuring justin timberlake, and truth be told, I am not a fan. I do like songs by each of the artists respectively, but this particular song...just not cutting it. So far today, I have been mostly in the internet with a little bit of TV thrown in for good measure. Maybe i'll rope someone into going to the mall with me or something tonight. So I watched the movie Welcome to Mooseport on TV yesterday, and it wasn't too bad. It's a cute little movie, and you gotta love Ray Romano. I have to admit though, I think I am more of a watch the movie at home, than a go to the theater type. Mainly, this is becuase if is horrible, I didn't just waste 9 bucks to watch a movie. It's hard for me to justify that much money to see a movie. I recently saw Meet the Fockers, which was good, but in my opinion, not as good as Meet the Parents.

What's up with the warm weather we are experiencing. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the cold, but in Jan. it's supposed to be cold. This whole winter and the temperatures has been worrying me to be honest.

Oh did I mention that I got an ice cream maker for Christmas?? I am very excited about using it, it came with recipes. As my friend told me, it's a real one, because with some you have to use a mix to make it. This one using all real ingredients!!!! I can't wait to use it :):) I'll let you know how it comes out. And as a final thought, I'd really like it if my grades were posted on the internet.

God Bless.

* Sunday, January 2, 2005- A New Record
  I have been updating every day this year so far!!!! :-D and it's a new world record! *applause* Alright, that last part was a little over the top wasn't it? I did some shopping today, got a pair of jeans and a pair of nice pants. I head back to RI in exactly one week....feeling mixed about it, nice to be home, but nice to be there too. A new CD that I have has a message on the inside about not making copies for people or allowing people to copy it. It was a nice little message. I made a profile .... last year.... (exciting aint it) well maybe it was like last week or something for Board Game Geek. So far, I am a fan. And also, I made a comment on shacknews. I am so proud of myself even if the comment itself was kinda lame. And..I'm out of juice...the creative kind. Oh well. Later. God Bless.

* Saturday, January 1, 2005- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  so what are my resolutions you ask? Nothing!!!! If I want to do something to better my life, I can pick any day of the year to start it. So what am I looking forward to in the new year? Graduating law school, passing the bar, and having a job is a good start! :-D I really like my new colors on this site!!! Yes, there are still a few things that need fixing, but my uhhhhhh tech support not online at the moment! :-P Did you actually think I maintained everything by myself? Although the color changing using the code..that was all me! :-D I only have one week and one day left on my it is going by quickly. Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe night last night. God Bless.

* Thursday, December 30, 2004- In Right Under the Wire
  ..that is, i am updating one last time before good old 2005 rolls around. I am not making any New Year's resolutions, I really don't see the point in them. If you want to do something, why wait until the new year rolls around, there is no time like the present. I have a new section to my website called quizzes, that is where you will now find any quizzes that i take on the internet.

Christmas was awesome! What could be better than celebrating the birth of Jesus? I arrived home for my break on Christmas eve, and spent the next day with family.

Tuesday, I went into the city (NYC, that is the only city that can be called the city) to see the tree and go and watch Wicked on Broadway! That was an excellent show, I woudl recommend it to anyone. Before we saw the show we went to the Jekyl and Hyde club and it was something else. That had all "creepy" stuff and people were walking around in character interacting with the different tables. It was awesome.

So far, my break has been turning out very well. Hope everyone else is doing well, and has a wonderful new year. Later.

* Wednesday, December 15, 2004- Cheg this quiz
   To "cheg this quiz" please click on the side menu marked Quizzes! Thank you, that will be all!

* Tuesday, December 14, 2004- A Longer Update
  December 11, 2004
what started out as a boring/somewhat depressing day turned exciting very quickly. I went to work out, as is my usual Sat. routine, and then i ate lunch, and waited for dave to come over. We were going to go Christmas shopping, and to the fashion bug so i could buy something to wear to his Christmas party for the company. I decided to go to this Imagine store, big purple building in Warren b/c i pass by there all the time on the bus, and i was curious as to what was inside. It was a really cute store, bigger than I thought too. Anyway, there was this photomosaic elvis puzzle that i was looking at, and i was making a comment to dave about it,and all of a sudden, i feel someone touch my arm and say Sandy. I look up, and it's my supervisor at RILS, with his wife and kids. (of course i was wearing my little workout suit thingy, so i could have been looking a bit better) it went well, although i was embarassed, he has the cutest family! we continued to look around the store, and then we left.
We then continued our Christmas shopping at Kohl's on Rte. 6.
After two random sightings in one day, it was time to go home and change up for the Christmas party. After I had changed, we headed to dave's house. We were in the kitchen when all of a sudden we heard a sound like glass breaking...the Christmas tree fell down, but fortunatley, only one ornament broke, and in my opinion, was more humorous then anything. So the party was awesome, but the food wasn't so much, so we hit up McDonald's afterwards.

Monday night, I went to LaSallette Shrine to see the Christmas lights. For those of you who don't know it is a shrine dedicated to when Mary appeared to children in France (LaSallette) The lights are beautiful and they have a display of nativity scenes from around the country. It is gorgeous, and cool to see all the different ways people see Jesus. Speaking of, my favorite line in a Christmas song is, "Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing". This is such a joyous holiday marking the birth of Jesus. Presents are nice, but try to remember the real meaning of Christmas! That is all for now..until next time...peace! :)

* Saturday, December 4, 2004- It's been a While..
  and I complain about other people taking a long time to ..!! so yeah , thanksgiving was awesome!!! one more week left of school, then finals then home for three weeks, that shoudl be a good time! :) what colors do you think i should make this webiste, i want to change the color but i am not sure what to do ....oh well..later

* Wednesday,November 10, 2004- Sleepy Time
  I'll keep the same title as before because it applies so well. So many things have been going on since I last updated, had a nice halloween..and i am looking forward to thanksgiving very much :) for a full update be patient, i'll get around to it!

* Thursday, October 28, 2004- Sleepy Time
  I am tired.! So let's see, this week i had planned to show the Passion of the Christ two nights. No one came to either night, so on Monday night i wathced it with dave. Still just as powerful as the first time around. Jesus' sacrifice for us is so amazing. The love he had and still has for us is enough to make anyone want to wake up in the morning. Thank you God for sending your only Son to suffer and die for us. Thank you Jesus for accepting the Father's will. Thank you Mary for understanding God's will and trusting in God.

so tonight i went to chilis with some freinds, and it was very fun! man i am sleepy..did i mention that already? well good night all!

* Wednesday, October 20, 2004- Wow, it's been almost a month since the last update..
  However, I do HIGHLY recommend that you read the update below this one, as it is something that is very important to me. So listen to how awesome I am...I am doing this paper on a book, and I brought the book into school to read and left it in a chair in school..i emaield the student body about it and someone saw it and left it hopefully someone will bring it to student services where i can pick it up! The red sox/yankees game is almost over and it looks like it is going to be the upset of the century for the yankees. oh well, i could care less really but i know a lot of people who will be really happy at the result and a lot of people who will be really sad! :-D So i would like to take this opportunity to really and sincerely thank God for this week because He saw me through everything and helped me overcome my worry about work. All you have to do is pray to Him and He will listen. He knows just what we are thinking and feeling.

I am getting excited about Thanksgiving, it should be an awesome time! It is a time when God brings people together. It is also a time to thank Him for everything you have! It will be nice to go home for a while.

And..the spongebob movie is coming out on Thanksgiving..that is a movie that i definitley want to see. So I have been thinking of installing trillain on my computer b/c i want to try it out and stuff. also, and this is surprising, i want to try the rollercoaster tycoon demo, because i saw my bf playing it and even tho i was making fun of it i decided that it is something that i want to try. so i am totally addicted to donkey konga! if you dont have that game and you have a gamecube, you should definitely go and get it! it is awesome!!!

i'm curious as to how all my friends are doing and i pray that God is with them and guides them on their journey. drop me and know who you are. i know that i am not the best at writing back but i'll try to be good! well that's all for now. God Bless. I will keep you in my prayers.

* Saturday, September 25, 2004- My Thoughts on Religion..please read!
  Alright, here is my piece of mind on religion. I am Catholic, and I consider myself a fairly religious person. I see all these cartoons, games, etc. that make fun of Jesus and have him play a role in their (fill in the blank, whether it be skit, level, etc). Am I the only one who sees something blantantly wrong with this? Jesus Christ is our Savior, He suffered and died for us. For all of us, regardless of whether you believe in Him or not, He suffered for you! To see people take Him so lightly as to make Him appear in their works bothers me very much. God, Our Father, sent His only Son for us. The Holy Spirit also came down to help us pray. Mary and the saints are there for us to pray to and to help us. They all made amazing sacrifices which I admire and do not think for a minute that I could ever achieve. We all need God, but it seems that in our society everyone is pushing Him away. No ones wants to think about Heaven or Hell, or anything religious minded. All they care about is now. That is not the right worldview. We need to care about and acknowlege our God and Jesus Christ our Savior, and work with the Holy Spirit. Not to even mention all the angels, I could go on forever about all the sacrifices that have been made for us. I think what I am trying to say is that I am sick of how people frown upon the Catholic and other Christian religions. There is nothing wrong with us, in fact we have it right. It's time for people to stand up for Truth. I want to do my part and encourage others to follow suit. (as a disclaimer I am not declaing that I am perfect or that I do not sin, b/c I am neither perfect nor sinless. God in Heaven and Jesus Christ our Savior are. I do not claim to be even close to perfect. I am a sinner in need of God's mercy and forgiveness as is everyone else) Please think about this.