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Welcome to Max Myover's Main Page! You'll find it's also a page about Max's music because ---

Max is a composer and arranger of both sacred and secular music.

An alumnus of the Northwestern University School of Music, with both Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees (Music Theory and Composition major), a former college teacher, choir and muiscal director, and conductor, Max is now retired and living in River Bend, NC, where he devotes a good deal of time to composing and arranging. Max is also an experienced jazz keyboard player, and currently plays with the Stardust Big Band and the Trent River Quintet featuring the outstanding vocalist Nancy Maimone.

Max is a member of the New Bern Computer User's Group, and many of his more recent musical works have been completed using a music software program in his computer which is digitally interfaced with several synthesizers.

With music as his Christian ministry, Max is an member of Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, NC. There he sings in the Parish Choir and has written service music for the Choir.

A former US Coast Guard "Ocean Operator" licensed ship captain and sailor, now an active golfer, Max belongs to the River Bend Golf and Country Club where he has won several trophies. In 1993 Max was River Bend's Net Club Champion.

In subsequent pages you'll find listings of many of the original compositions and/or musical arrangements written by Max Myover. There is a selection of great sounding arrangements of popular favorites for "big band" and vocal groups. You'll also find listings of original songs, choral pieces, instrumental music, serious vocal music, and several original musicals.

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We've tried to include a few informative words concerning each item in each of the above listings. In some cases it may not be enough. So, if you desire to know more about any item listed, you are invited to contact Max Myover at the addresses listed below.

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For more information, contact Max Myover at

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New Bern, NC USA 28562-9557
Telephone: 1-252-637-5841
e-mail address: tunesmith@coastalnet.com