Name: Marvin Mejia Pacheco

Birth Date: 02/13/1970

ID Number: 2-458-3233

Phone numbers: Costa Rica: (506) 8883-5334 (Mobil)

(506) 2210-9505 (Office)

(506) 2252-6550 (Home)



Current Position: IT Manager, Epson Costa Rica.

Office Email:

Personal Email:


Updating Date: April 7, 2009

Administrative Skills:

?      IT Management, Project Team Manager, Technology Integrator, Change Management Agent.


Technical Skills:

?      Database Administrator, Microsoft Networking, Internet, Programming, Information System Analysis/Design/Implementation, Intermediate Cisco Voip knowledge.


Working Experience Summary:


?      IT Management ,Project Planning and Implementation , Project Tracking , ERP Management, Programming, user oriented technical support, Lotus Notes Site Administrator / Programmer, Web Master, Networking , IT Security, SqlServer DBA, Active Directory Administrator, Cisco VOIP Call Manager Administration.



?      Spanish- Native Speaker.

?      English - Advanced.

?      Japanese – Basic - Intermediate.




Academic Record:

?      Computer Systems Bachelor. Colegio Magister. Universidad Panamericana (Costa Rica).

Currently obtaining a Master Degree in Information Systems. (Graduation Project Pending), Universidad Latina. (2001-2002)


Detailed Working Experience:

?      Cooperation as a computer assistant to my father who got a Scholarship in Computer Assisted Language Learning in Provo, Utah. 1988.

?      Design, programming and implementation up of system in Basic for surveying calculus, 1986-1989

?      4 months at ROELCO: an enterprise devoted to Systems development with C language, oriented toward General Accountings, Hotel management, and Inventories. I stopped working here and started a new job position at the Camara de Industrias de Costa Rica ( The Costa Rican Industry Chamber)

?      Design and setting up of several systems. ( Accounts, finances, bank accounts, budgets, inventories, amounts due, athletic footrace multi-user enrolment for the XI Industrial Congress, systems on the Free Trade Treaty with Mexico, based on Clipper. 1990- 1994

?      Head of Computer Science Office at the Costa Rican Industry Chamber from April 1990 to September 1994. In charge of several functions: Administration and Maintenance of a Novell Network, analysis, design and setting up of systems of administration of Sacet systems ( phone calls control for digitalized telephone exchange), consultant on commercial software ( Quattro, Word Perfect, DOS , etc.) and technical support on telecommunications for commuted systems access (SICOM, TIPS, Racsapac, Public Land Register, BBS Express, InfoBolsa, EDENIA, etc.)

?      Technical representative of the Costa Rican Industry Chamber at the COPOIN (National Committee on Computer Science Policies)-1994

?      Cooperation in CompuExpo Annual Fair in Colombia representing EPSON Costa Rica. 1996.

?      Installation and maintenance of a Microsoft Network in EPSON COSTA RICA. 1995-2006.

?      Design and implementation of an intranet in EPSON COSTA RICA.1997-1999

?      Web Site coordinator in EPSON COSTA RICA. 1998- 2000

?      Team Manager on Installation of the Exactus Legacy System in EPSON COSTA RICA. 1997-1999.

?      Automatic Control Notification System NOTES/SQLSERVER/EXACTUS in EPSON COSTA RICA. 1999

?      Intranet/Extranet- design and implementation. 1997-1999

?      Electronic Commerce Project- design, implementation and upgrades (Microsoft IIS-1998-2006)

?      Y2K team manager for EPSON Costa Rica S.A. 1998-2000

?      EXACTUS Y2K testing collaborator.

?      SQL/Client/Server databases. 1995 to Date (SYBASE,SQLBASE,SQLSERVER)

?      Database Platform migration for the EXACTUS Legacy System from Centura SQLBASE 6.12 to Microsoft SQLSERVER 7.0 (1999-2000)

?      Project Manager for the Custom Development of the Client/Server Service Module for the EXACTUS ERP. (1999-2000).

?      Project Manager and System Designer for a custom EDI module for the EPSON Subs running EXACTUS as ERP.(2003-2005)

?      Project Consultant for the implementation of the EXACTUS Legacy System in EPSON Venezuela, EPSON Peru and EPSON Colombia. 2000-2001.

?      Project Manager and current Manager of the Cisco - VOIP project implementation for EPSON Costa Rica.



Other training/courses:

?      Seminar on Computer Assisted Learning for the Acquisition of Foreign Languages. Brigham Young University . Provo, Utah. 1988.

?      World Annual CALICO Computer Symposium. (Computer Assistance Learning Instruction Consortium). Salt Lake City. Utah. 1988.

?      Course of Auto-edition in Macintosh. Apple, Costa Rica. 1990.

?      First International Seminar on Databases accessed via Commuted

?      Network. Costa Rica. 1992.

?      Human Relations and Communications Workshop. ?Instituto Solidarista?. 1992.

?      Seminar on Telecommunications: Modems and Computers. JE Pereira and Associates. September, 1992.

?      Seminar on the Application of High Japanese Technology for Computerized Solutions in Central America. CEFOF (Centro de Formaci?n de Formadores y de Personal T?cnico para el Desarrollo de Centro America ). November, 1993.

?      Participation in the Conference on Computer policies for small and medium-sized industry in Central America and the Caribbean. International Investigation Center for the Development. Montevideo, Uruguay. December, 1993.

?      Seminar on ?Internal Control ?. Instituto Solidarista. February, 1994.

?      Course on ?Network Technology?. CEFOF. March, 1993.

?      Scholarship holder for the course ?Fast Track to SYBASE?. SOIN (Soluciones Integrales). May, 1994.

?      Course on "GUPTA SQL Windows Solo" . Software SPS (actually EXACTUS). October, 1994. The current EXACTUS ERP programming tool.

?      Course on Administration of Novell.X. Fundatec. 1995.

?      Course on Lotus Notes System Administration I. Workflow Designs. Dallas, Texas. 1997.

?      Seminar ?Electronic Commerce and HomeBanking?. RACSA (Costa Rica ISP) Nov/1998.

?      Achievement of Level Three of the Interchange English Language System, May/1998

?      Seminar ?E-Business / Net Future?. Net Future Institute/Racsa, Oct/1999

?      Course on ?Implementing a Database in Microsoft SQl Server 7.0?, Feb/2000

?      Course on ?System Administration for Microsoft SQl Server 7.0?, Feb/2000

?      Current member of the Technological Research Club in Costa Rica.

?      Participation in a Technical Research Visit to selected Tech firms at Silicon Valley leaded by the Technological Research Club. 2001.

?      Staff Management and Management Styles. ASECREDI S.A. 2003.


?      Achievement of the Basic Japanese Language course. Japanese Cultural Center -  Japanese Embassy at Costa Rica. 2004.

?      Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills course. EPSON 2004.

?      Leadership course. EPSON 2004.

?      Conflict Resolution and Decision Making course. EPSON 2004.

?      Problem Solving and Decision Making course. Grupo Dando 2005.

?      Assertive Communication. EPSON 2005.

?      Customer Service Excellence. EPSON 2005.

?      EPSON?s Values and competencies. EPSON 2005.

?      One EPSON Manager?s Session. EPSON Latin America 2006.

?      Japanese (level 8). FUNDATEC - Technological Institute of Cartago.

?      Problem Identification and solving course. EPSON 2006.

?      System Modeling. Object Management Group – Club de Investigación Tecnológica - Costa  Rica-  2006.

?      Organizational Change Management. Grupo Dando ? San Jos? Costa Rica.

?      Seminar - Monetary policy of the Central Bank of Costa Rica: ?Inflation as Goal and the opening of the exchange rate bands system?. FUNDES 2006.

?     Second Information Technology Symposium (Segunda Jornada de Seguridad de la Información). Pricewaterhouse Coopers - 2006

?     ITIL Foundations Course - 2007.

?     ISEB/EXIN Certification, Foundations in IT-Service Management Essentials -2007.

?     Information Security Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor (ISO 27001:2005) IRCA and BSI certified Course -2008.

?     Currently Coursing a Project Management Program “Gerencia de Proyectos”  Instituto Tecnológico de Cartago - Costa Rica- 2009


Other interests:

?      Extracurricular Activities

o       Class president at 6th grade (Elementary School 1982) and 7th grade (High School 1983).

o       Member of the High School musical Band (1983)

o       Former member of an amateur theatrical group. (1982- 1988)

o       High School Student Board Vice-president 1985.

o       High School Student Board Candidate for presidency 1986.

·        Founder and director of the High School News paper “Expresion Estudiantil” 1987

·        Former member of the National Parks volunteer Association (ASVO) in Costa Rica. (1990-1993).


?      Hobbies/Sports

o       Hiking

o       Swimming.

o       Reading.

o       Listening Music.

?      Some recent Read books:

o       The Resilient Enterprise: by Yossi Sheffi

o       Freakonomics: by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner.

o       Cuentos Chinos (Chinese Tales by Andres Oppenheimer)

·        Managing IT as a Business A Survival Guide for CEOs

·        Strategic IT Portfolio Management by Jeffrey Kaplan.





References or complementary information available upon request