This is picture of David and Carol was taken at our Genting camp back in 1996 . They were married in the same year also . David is my English Sunday School teacher . He really teach things well . Even if he did not prepare , he still can talk for an hour . Unlike me , 30 minutes is more than enough . Since I came to this fellowship , he is one of the teacher who is very caring and is patient on teaching us . Well , he got big problem as Jason is now in his class . Kinda pity him at times :D . Usually , he will be the person I seek for when I face problems with my Bible studying or when I have to lead a class . Very nice person to talk to though he's kinda childish at times especially when he's going to be a father . Carol use to teach the Chinese class of my church Sunday School but will join my English class for Bible study if she's not teaching . Use to make fun of her especially when she's pregnant when I said that the baby should be name Christmas . Cause her name is Carol . Since she has married to David and has now use David's surname Ling , join together you'll get "Carolling" . How nice would it be if the child's name and the mom's combine . Ha ha !! Finaly , they got a baby boy and is named Jonathan as David says that Jonathan and David were good friends in the Bible . Since they got a baby now , Carol didn't teach anymore but being the best babysitter in the world . She'll be on hire for child care next time . Muahahaha !!