This was taken in form 5 , 1998 . These 2 are the guys who have been my classmates for 4 years . The guy on my right is Wang Ie Ian . I got to know him since form 1 as he is my classmate then . Although he is a year younger than me , but his thinking is already at the adult side ( get what I meant ? ). He likes to act innocent but still people suspect him for doing soemthing wrong . He was very frank in form 1 telling to all the guys in the class about the girl he likes . He went to another class in form 4 but we meet again in form 5 . The thinny guy at my left is Gabriel Tay . He has been my classmate since form 2 and was a quite and innocent guy at that time . After years getting along with me and Ie Ian , I guess he has been influence and has been more active and getting to be a bad boy sometimes ( although teacher said that he should be a good boy like Angel Gabriel ) . There was a joke when my health teacher saw him . He said to everybody : " Everytime I see him , I remember his name is Gabriel . When I remember Gabriel , I remember church . " From that time , the teacher always call him "church" . Both of them are huge football fan . Ie Ian is to Liverpool and "church" is to Manchester United . Because of this , we use to argue about the best in basketball and football ( I am a huge Chicago Bulls fan ) .