This was taken after we came back from the camp we went last December 1997 . These are the guys from my fellowship ( obviously this is not all ) . Ok , let me first start introducing .... JASON !! The biggest and heaviest among all . I'm sure you can see....Jason is now form 1 (shock ?! ) He is also the one and only trouble maker in our fellowship . Like to play the full and also tease people around . I am also one of the serious victim so far . Ha ha !! :D . As from what I knew he told me he is up to 100 KG . Can you imagine that ? He did admit before that he'll be the first Malaysian Sumo wrestler . The white shirt guy behind Jason is Yu Siang . He is a very quite guy but I think his hormones are getting active now , at least he is more social which I was quite impressed . He actually wrote a letter to my friend ( a girl whom I brought to my felloship once ) . I was quite surprise when she told me about it . Hmmm....wonder if this fellow like her or just trying to be friendly . Anyway , good start for a quite guy like him . He is form 3 this year the same as John ( my bro ) and Evan ( Yvonne's bro ) . The purple shirt guy beside Jason is Evan . One thing you should only know that , he is a very pathethic and torturing pest killer . Whenever he saw insects , that's the end of that poor fellow . But he is kind of a talented guy who can plays the piano well though he just learned a little . He is always into jazz . To me , it's kinda noisy when he is playing the piano . But now , since the fellowship needed guitarist , the piano is out from his sight . Good news also for me . Ha ha !! The black specky guy behind Jason is Joel ( or you can call him "Mainland Hong " , a name given by me and Jack ) . He is the son of my church pastor and he is at my age . 3 of us ( me , Jack and Joel ) was given a name which is the The 3 Js ( simply means Jack , James , Joel ) . He is also the piano player in my fellowship but frankly , I hate the way he play it though he got his diploma . Behind Joel is my brother , John . He is bigger and fatter in size compare to me . He is in form 3 now in my school . Don't really know what he likes cause he is always changing his mind . That's why I don't bother to know also . He told me 2 years ago that he wanna be a detective . But when I gave him a question , he can't even solve it . How sad to say he'll be Sherlock Holmes . The guy behind me is Andrew . Our fellowship's ex-president . He suppose to have leave our felowship 3 years ago but he was again elected to be the president just before he reached 18 . That's why he stayed for another 2 years . But he is a very good pres to us and is quite responsible for all things . One of the thing which we can't do without him is transport . Cause we're not at our age yet . Ha ha !! :D He is studying business now and should be taking over his dad's business as the years goes by....Good news for girls....he is still available .