This was also another pic taken in my birthday party . Obviously there are not the only girls in my fellowship . Simply say I don't have their photograph . The girl in the white dress is Yvonne . She is a year younger than me and is in form 5 now . she is the Vice President in my fellowship and also the pianist . Oh yeah , have not tell you all that I am the treasurer in the felloship . Besides , Yvonne is also doiong good in her studies as well as her piano playing ( though she fail to achieve merit in her piano exam .....ha ha !! ) , she still plays well , better than Joel ( who got diploma for heaven sake ) . One thing good was I can also share the music I like to her as we have about the same taste in music . I just introduce Jim Brickman to her recently , well , she likes it indeed , better than that Joel who always like jazz . The specky girl beside me is Yeow Bee Gaik . She is also in form 5 and the same age a0s Yvonne . she is the leader of the Citizen group in my fellowship and I think , she should be the most faithful one in serving the Lord . Although she talks alot sometimes which irritates my bro and Yvonne's bro , I suppose she is talking it for the good of our fellowshp . Very friendly person indeed . The girl beside Yvonne is my little sis , Joy . She's a tomboy I have to say and has cut her hair not long ago which reminds me of the Monkey God...ha ha !! She is now actually as the assistant secreatry of my fellowship but I think , still the secreatary did all the work . Joy is in form 2 now . Got to say that she's damn lazy and likes to play violence games such as Dungeon Keeper and Crusader . So guys , if you wanna pick my sis , think twice before you regret.... :D