I am Padmanabhan Anantha Ramakrishnan.

This page is dedicated to the memory of my grand father,
Sri Parameswara Bhagavatar of Thiruvananthapuram,
one of the greatest veena vidwans.

Let the veena ganam continue!

Somerset Maugham about Sri Parameswara Bhagavatar

Here you can find articles related to South Indian Classical Music and Hindu religion.

Articles which may be of interest to you:

Gamaka or grace of music

Veena vadana - a yoga for salvation

South Indian Bhajan Tradition

Bhaktisudhasagaram (you need sanskrit font installed in your computer to view this page properly)

    Pre-trinity composers


1. Kritis of great vaggeyakaras of carnatic music (in devanagari font)

2. Stotras

    Navaratnamala stotra of Kalidasa
    Krishnam vande jagadgurum

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