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My name is Samantha, yet another transplanted resident of the happening place of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Most people reading this page will be returning viewers, and I figured it's about time I updated my information!! It's been a long time since my friend Jeff created this page, and I have been very lax in my maintenance *grin* So here we go with the latest and greatest about me. This summer I turned 33, and Rik and I had our baby boy, Iain (who weighed in at 10.7.2 and was 22 inches long). He is amazing and adorable. We also celebrated our fouth anniversary this August with the traditional Folkfest Weekend in July. Oh my word how the time flies. As most of you remember, I moved to Calgary to go to University. I graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences in April 2005 with a BA in History and a Minor in English. I was half a percentage away from graduating with Distinction.... also known as Suma Cum Laude in the state. All because of one course I took on Evolution in which I got a C. *LOL* oh the irony.....
I am about to begin a one year maternity leave from The Alberta Children`s Hospital Foundation where I have been working as an Admin Assistant for the alst two years. It is an amazing job, and I am almost sorry to be taking a break from it. :) I am going to relish this year off, let me tell you. Other than that, the years since graduation have been filled with Rik and I taking our dream trip to the U.K. in September, 2005. We toured England and Scotland and met Rik`s extended family in Wales. It was amazing. Totally different from my solo trip in 1997 although I did take Rik to some of my favourite spots. I also finally went and visited my best friend Angela in Korea in June 2006. It was amazing. Seoul is a HUGE city but I didn`t feel overwhelmed despite the fact that on a week day over 7 million people co-exist in that city. And we had our last vacation as childless people in March when we went to Cabo San Lucas to see my sister Robyn marry the love of her life, Jody Wilkins. He is awesome and the wedding was stunningly beautiful. And, fortunately for this pregnant lady, it was not too hot!.
Anyway, that`s all the latest.... so welcome to my Castle, and I hope you find things here both to educate and fascinate, things that make you go hmmmmm and laugh just a little.
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