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The Sheboygan Society of Scale Model Railroad Engineers, Ltd. (SSSMRE. Ltd) is a not-for-profit, charitable, historical, technical, and educational, 501(c)3. organization. The intent of the Society is to promote interest in model railroading and to educate the general public about model railroading and the history of prototype railroads. We also promote the National Model Railroad Association and its activities. Membership is open to any individual subscribing to the purpose of the Society. Donations are both welcomed and tax deductible.

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C-1(To-Canadian)     C-2(Canajoharie-CENEX)     C-3(Centerville-Cheyenne)     C-4(Chicago)

C-5(Chi-Can-To-Clarendon)     C-6(Clarendon-Columbia)    C-7     C-Heralds

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L-2     L-Heralds      M-1(To-Milton)     M-2(Martin-Mexrail)     M-3(MG Industries-Mineral)

M-4(Minor-Mononlith)     M-5     M-Heralds      N-1(To-New Castle)

N-2(New Cornelia-New York)     N-3(Nezperce-Northend)     N-4(Northern-To-End)

N-Heralds     O-1(To-Olympic)     O-2     O-Heralds     P-1(To-Pelham Park)

P-2(Pemberton-Phelps Dodge)     P-3(Philadelphia-Pittsburg)     P-4(Pittsburgh-Portage)

P-5     P-Heralds     Q     Q-Heralds     R-1(To-Rinkler)     R-2     R-Heralds

S-1(To-St. Thomas)     S-2(Salamanca-Saratoga)     S-3(Sarnia-Shell)

S-4(Shenandoah-South Buffalo)     S-5(South Camden-Southwide)     S-6 S-Heralds

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We are Members of:

Divisional Sites

W.I.S.E. Division of N.M.R.A.

Illinois Valley Division of N.M.R.A.

Central Indiana Division of N.M.R.A.

Calumet Division of N.M.R.A.

Du Page Division of N.M.R.A.

Fox Valley Division of N.M.R.A.

North Shore & Western Division of N.M.R.A.

Rock River Valley Division of N.M.R.A.

South Central Wisconsin Division of N.M.R.A.

Web Sites in Wisconsin

1. 4000 Foundation Limited

2. Brodhead Depot Museum & Two & Three & Four

3. Camp Five Museum Foundation

4. Canadian Pacific Railway

5. Capitol City "N'Gineers"

6. Cedar Creek Central Railroad Club

7. Central Wisconsin Model Railroaders

8. Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Historical Society

9. Chippewa Valley Railroad Association

10. Chippewa Valley Railroading Information

11. Cream City Traction Club

12. Duluth, South Shore, & Atlantic Railway Site

13. East Troy Electric Railroad Museum

14. End of Line Vacation Station

15. Friends of the Burlington Northern Railroad

16. "Getting Started In Model Railroading"

17. Green Bay Area Model RR Club

18. Illinois Railway Museum

19. La Cross & Three Rivers Railroad Club, Inc.

20. Laona & Northern Lumberjack Special

21. Liberty Station Lounge (Location)

22. Lionel Railroad Club Of Milwaukee

23. Machickannee & Splinter Creek Model RR Club

24. Metro Model Railroad Club, Ltd.

25. Mid-Continent Railway Museum

26. Milwaukee 261

27. Milwaukee Area N Trak

28. Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transit Historical Society, Incorporated (The)

29. Milwaukee Road Historical Society

30. Milwaukee Road Online

31. Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums (Location only)

32. National Railroad Museum

33. Northern Sky Incorporated

34. North Central Railcars Limited

35. Osceola & St. Croix Valley Railway

36. Paper Valley Model RR Club

37. Park Lane Model Railroad Museum (Location only)

38. P J & J Shortline

39. Plymouth Model Railroad Club NEW 2005

40. Railroad Collectibles 

41. Riverside & Great Northern Railway

42. Spooner's Railroad Memories Museum

43. Soo Line Historical & Technical Society

44. Soo Line History eGroup

45. St. Croix Railroad Incorporated (SCRR)

46. Stiles Junction Railroad Depot

47. Society Of Model Railroaders (M.S.O.E.)

48. "Tracks Ahead"

49. Tri-County Model Railroad Club, Incorporated

50. Trolley Car '86, Inc.   Trolley Car '86, Inc.-2

51.  Western Union Junction Railroad Club

52. "Where the Old Soo crosses the New Soo"

53. Whiskey River Railway (Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works)

54. Wisconsin & Michigan Model RR Club

55. Wisconsin & Southern Railroad

56. Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers

57. Wisconsin Central Railroad (Official)

58. Wisconsin Central Railroad (Unofficial)

59. Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad

60. Wisconsin Historic Rail Connection

61. Wisconsin Railroads by Ivan

The Rest of the World (almost)

Railroad History & World Wide Railroad Sites

Mike's Railway History

Railserve Internet Railroad Directory

Webville & Hypertext Railroad Company

National Railroad Historical Society

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