Syd Barrett: Articles/Interviews

There is also a catalogue of Syd article and interviews culled from diverse sources, and aims to be the most complete such offering on the web, or for that matter, the universe.

Article, Melody Maker, August 1967
Interview, Beat Instrumental, October 1967
By Chris Welch
Interview, Melody Maker, December 1967
Interview, Melody Maker, 27 March 1971
By Michael Watts
Interview and profile, Rolling Stone, December 1971
By Mick Rock
Interview (January 1970), Terrapin #17, 1975
Interview (c.1971), Terrapin #17, 1975
Interview (c.1971), Terrapin
By Giovanni Dadomo
Review of Stars, Terrapin, January 1973
Nick Kent article, NME, April 1974
By Nick Kent
DiLorenzo article, Trouser Press, February 1978
By Kris DiLorenzo
'Madcap Laughs' Photo Sessions essay
'The Making of the Madcap Laughs'
By Malcolm Jones, 1982
Malcolm Jones interview, Opel #9, 1984
By Ivor Trueman
Twink interview, Opel #11, 1985
By Ivor Trueman
Mojo magazine, 1994
by Robert Sandall
The lost art of a lost artist, Mojo magazine, Feb. 2000 
by Andrew Male
'What Colour is Sound?' - Crazy Diamond Box Set essay
by Brian Hogg, 1993
'Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett'
by Mark Paytress, Record Collector, 1993
Analysis of 'Clowns & Juggler/Octopus'
by Scott Frank
Analysis of 'Interstellar Overdrive'
by Scott Frank
Treading the backward path...