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Penang - Pearl Of The Orient
The Components (The Main System)
Front End :
La Platine Verdier Turntable
and the Review | Airtangent 2B Tonearm| vdH Grasshopper III| JVC TD-V1010 Cassette Deck
Amplifiers :
Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Signature Pre-Amplifier| Conrad-Johnson Premier 5| Holfi Pre-MC1 Phono Pre-Amp|Dynavector DV/6A Transformer
Speakers :
Sonus Faber Extrema Loudspeakers
Power Conditioner :
Tice Power Block
Record Cleaning Machine :
VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine| Nitty Gritty Model 2
Environmental Control :
Samsung Compact Dehumidifier SDH-3401VE
| Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
Accessories :
Gryphon Exorcist....and the Reviews| Audio Physic Cartridge Demagnetizer| Gyrascope| Goldmund Cones| Shure Stylus Force Gauge| Radio Shack Sound Pressure Level Meter|Last Products|Genie-In-A-Bottle|Discwasher SC-2
Cables :
XLO Signature
| vdH SCS-2|Straightwire Virtuoso.....The Straight Approach|Goldmund Lineal| KimberKable| Holfi
Review Of My System By 'Perfect Pitch' of the Sun
A Short Profile of Van Den Hul B.V.
Setting Up A High End System - By Anthony Chiarella

The Art Of Critical Listening - By Ron Goldberg
Turntable System Setup - By Laura Dearborn

LP Cleaning Ritual

A Few Words About Speaker Placement

The Art Of Vacuum Tube Maintenance

A Q&A Session with A.J. van den Hul CD on "Carbon & Hybrid Technology"
Products From Laboratoire J.C. Verdier
Turntables :
La Platine Verdier
| La Nouvelle Platine
MC Pre Pre
| Preampli Control| Control B| MM-MC Phono| Dual Regulated Power Supply for Control B
Amplifiers :
Le 210 / Le 210 Control
| Le 220 / Le220 Control| L'Audio Block Mk2| L'Amplificateur| Le Mono Bloc| Mono Bloc Triode| Amplificateur 2300B|Amplificateur 845
Speakers From Sonus Faber
Concertino| New Concertino| Concerto| Concerto Grand Piano| Minuetto| Minima| Minima Amator| Electa| Electa Amator| Electa Amator II| Guarneri Homage| Extrema
and the new
Amati Homage
T h e S o u n d R o o m 2 - My CD-based system and AV Setup
My Second System - A Holfi CD based System
Holfi Audis Amplifier| Holfi Xara CD-Player| QLN QuBic 122 Speakers
My Hometheater
Sony 34" Kirara Basso TV | Yamaha Pro-Logic Processor DSP-E580 | Audiolab 8000A Amplifier| Pioneer LD Player CLD-770 | Panasonic NV-HD100AM VCR | Pioneer Digital Tuner F-202 | JBL Music 1 Speaker System| Celestion CSC Centre Speaker | Jamo Surround Rear Speakers
Atmos Clocks - Clocks that live on air
Introduction| Current Models| My Clock Collection|Italian Handmade Clocks and Music Boxes
Equipment :
Nikon F4s
| Minolta Dynax 7xi| Canon Prima Super 115
We've searched the world....for you!!
My motorbikes and cars, past and present

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