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A warm welcome to my home......home for hifi enthusiasts
and people with ears for good sound!

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My passion for audio has been for more than 20 years and it is still growing by the day. It all started with a Garrard 'automatic' (which you don't see anymore these days) turntable, a homemade mono-amp, a homemade speaker, and a 'pocket radio' modified to be the tuner. I am today still very much into LPs, tubes and such. My collection of LPs is more than 1000 pieces.

The picture shown above was taken about a couple of years ago, when I was still having my digital components such as, Meta Research CD Transport and Goldmund Mimesis 12 DAC. Today, I have an 'all analog' system. The Oracle Delphi IV turntable shown in the picture has been replaced with the J.C.Verdier's La new love! The Airtangent 2B lateral tracking tonearm (shown in picture), is still very much in service, and I doubt I will ever part with this great Swedish handmade tonearm.

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Penang - Pearl Of The Orient
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This is my current set-up!!
T h e S o u n d R o o m 2
My digital system and simple AV setup
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