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Prayers for Christian Monarchists Loyal to the Nguyen Dynasty
Written by Joseph A. Crisp II
St Joseph, Head of the Holy Family and our patron in the struggle against communism, we humbly request your intercession in ending the atheistic rule of the Communist Party and bringing freedom to those suffering under the yoke of tyranny and despotism. St Joseph, patron of Viet Nam, just as you courageously led the Holy Family out of danger and into Egypt, we ask for your guidance on all who have also been forced to flee Viet Nam to escape persecution, protect them as you protected the Divine Child and bless their efforts to one day return to the fatherland. St Joseph, our guide and our protector, patron saint of Viet Nam and all anti-communists, pray for us. Amen
Our Lady of Lavang, Blessed Mother and Queen of Heaven, just as you were pleased to offer your protection to the Christians persecuted by the Tay Son, and answered their pleas with the enthronement of the tolerant Emperor Gia Long, who allowed your people to prosper and the faith of your Divine Son to be protected, Holy Mary, Lady of Lavang, your children again cry out to you for protection against the persecutions of the Socialist Republic. Queen of Heaven, grant us the power of your intercession and bless the cause to restore again the Nguyen Dynasty to the Golden Throne and bring religious tolerance back to Viet Nam that your people may again live in peace and prosperity under the rule of Heaven. Our Lady of Lavang, comforter of the oppressed, defender of the persecuted, Queen Mother of the people of God, pray for us. Amen
Sacred Heart of Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, symbol of the love of God and inspiration for the Faithful, help us in our struggle to restore tradition, freedom and respect for the sacred to the oppressed nation of Viet Nam. When the Faithful people of the world, from France to Spain, fought to restore the honored place of their God and their king, your Sacred Heart was their symbol and inspiration. By the Sacred Heart, symbol of divine sacrifice and committment, we pray for the courage to always face the enemy, defend what is sacred and holy and for the ultimate victory of the Church and of your servants in restoring the Nguyen monarchy and virtuous government to the nation of Viet Nam. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Divine Savior and King of Heaven, hope and inspiration of the Faithful, hear our prayers and let our cries come unto you. Bless your humble servants and lead us always toward the ultimate victory of restoring your rule to all nations of the world. Amen
(A prayer used by the Faithful of England when their king was deposed and the Church suffered also from state persecutions, adapted for the situation of the Vietnamese Christians)

Almighty and everlasting God! Who only workest great marvels, show the riches of Thy goodness to Thy desolate and persecuted Church, that now sits mourning in her own dust and ruins, torn by schism and stripped and spoiled by sacrilege.
     And Thou, who after a long captivity didst bring back Thy people to rebuild their Temple, look upon us with the same eyes of mercy.
     Restore to us once again the publick worship of Thy name, the reverent administration of Thy sacraments; raise up the Emperor, that we may once more enter into Thy courts with praise and serve Thee with that reverence, that unity, and order, as may be acceptable in Thy sight, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen