Links to other Websites Concerning Vietnam and Asian Monarchy
Alliance for Democracy in Vietnam
Committee for Protection of the Flag of the Republic of Vietnam (it was also the flag of the Emperor)
L'Empereur Duy Tan Website
The International Monarchist League (for monarchists around the world)
Royal Ark Website: Vietnam
The Fall of the Kingdom of Laos, 1975
The Kings of Laos (portraits)
Assorted Asian Monarchy Links
The Korean Empire
Korean Empire Cafe
The Japanese Monarchy
Current Qing Royals
The Qing Emperors
The Last Emperor
The Thai Royal Family
The Thai Royal Family
The King of Thailand
The Thai Monarchy
King Norodom Sihanouk
The Royalist Party
History of Lao Monarchy
End of the Lao Royals
The First Lao King
The Kings of Laos
Vietnamese Sites:
Truong trung Hoc Ham Nghi Hue (1955-1975)

Website Nguyen Phuoc Ton

Catholic Website Binh Cang
Hoelseth's Royal Corner