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Nha` Ly'
The Ly Dynasty of Vietnam
         The Ly dynasty was the first major power to rule Vietnam after the Chinese were driven out in the 10th Century. Vietnam had been torn by decades of war following the years of foreign rule and the society was so disrupted that various factions were constant conflict with one another. This was at last ended by the Ly dynasty who succeeded in rebuilding the country, establishing an intricate and stable system of government and the internal structure for the Vietnamese empire to extend into the future. A thriving capital was established at Thanh Long (the Soaring Dragon), modern day Ha Noi and in 1054 the country was given the 'great' name of Dai Viet. The Ly dynasty reigned from 1009 until 1225.
Over the southern mountains and rivers,
the Emperor of the South shall reign,
This was written down in the book of Heaven.
How dare those barbarians invade our soil?
They will surely meet with defeat.
-poem by Ly Thuong Kiet at the battle of Nhu Nguyet river, 1076
Emperor Ly Thai To

Emperor Ly Thanh Tong

Emperor Ly Nhan Tong