Further Reprehensible Conduct by the So-called "Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League"
         Aside from calling me, and anyone who shows the slightest scepticism about their claims, a Communist (to determine my own politices, visit my homepage) the "Vietnamese Constitutional Monarchist League" under the leadership of one Nguyen Buu Chanh have now resorted to thievery in an effort to further their own aims. That's rights, this "prestigious" group which claims to have a small army of princes, aristocrats, military officers, doctors and professors, must it seems steal the work of this lowly Texan to spam the web with "press releases".
          You can see here,
http://www.prweb.com/releases2004/10/prweb170761.php a copy of the article written by yours truly originally posted right here on the articles section of this website. Further, using a myriad of aliases, they have stolen and reposted at another "prweb" site here almost every picture and illustration from my pages. You will notice they didn't even bother to change the custom backgrounds (flags, colors) or filenames before they re-posted their stolen material.
           Apparently, this has become a pattern of behavior for this group. I have since become aware of their having stolen a number of my pages for posting at the "Wikipedia" on-line encyclopedia, with their own names & opinions inserted and mine removed of course (see
here). This resulted in the editors of this website, as well as pushing unsubstantiated claims to take this action. They have also pasted copies of these hot texts and images on virtually every free forum they could find (such as here). It seems odd to say the least that a group which claims such exalted status would have to resort to plagarism, and from someone like me of all people, just to fill out the blanks in their "press releases".
          Such behavior, such as demonstrated
here, here or here for example should be quite enough to convince anyone that this group is not what they claim to be and having no real connection with anyone or anything legitimate, certainly not with the actual senior members of the Vietnamese Imperial Family. However, because their only source of historical writing and pictures seems to be stolen material from myself, allow me to repeat that I do not endorse them, support them or advise anyone else to have anything at all to do with them. They have proven their character and earned the reputation they have. However, for this same reason, I will not be adding any more essays or images from my collection to this website. Thank you, and remember, be vigilant.

Joseph A. Crisp II