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v Over 4 years of solid experience in complete project life cycle: analysis, design, and implementation.

v Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented and Component based Technologies including .NET.

v Experienced in VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET under Visual Studio. NET.

v Good Knowledge of COM/COM+ with MTS server.

v Expert level skills on JavaScript, VBScript, XML, XSLT, SQL and Visual InterDev.

v Data access Technologies like ADO, and ADO.NET.

v Good knowledge of UML (Rational Rose).

v Adept at installing and configuring IIS and Apache web servers.

v Proficient in RDBMS databases including MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MS-Access and DB2.

v Generated reports using third party Enterprise tool Seagate Crystal Reports.

v Expert at developing Network diagrams using MS Visio.

v Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

v Good at working as a team player and also under less supervision.

v Excellent time-management and task-management skills.

v Self-motivated, excellent communication, analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills.



11 months

Expertise in developing Intranet based and Legacy system conversion projects

Visual Basic, ASP, IIS, MTS, ADO, COM/COM+

3 Years

Worked on various projects and on various phases of a project.


3 Years

Expertise on connecting applications to databases and designing databases, stored procedures, triggers and normalizing database.

Java, EJB, Servlets, JDBC

1 Year

Expertise on Java technologies, worked extensively on servlet communication and session tracking.

XML, UML, DTD, XSL, CSS, Crystal Reports


Programming and designing experience.

Java web server, IIS, Apache Web server

2+ Years

Adept at installing and configuring

Jbuilder, MS Visio, VS6, VS.NET, MS Front page


Expert at using these IDEs


       Bachelor of Engineering, India. GPA 3.8.

       Masters in Computer Science, USA. GPA 3.9.

       Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

       Ranked 3rd best team in programming contest at Little Rock, AR by Acxiom Corporation.

       Brain Bench certified in .NET Framework (ID: 4017043) and ASP.NET (ID: 4013132).


Technical Skills:


Programming Languages


C++, Java, C, C#, VC++, VB, VB.NET, FORTRAN, and Scheme



MS-SQL Server 7.0, TERADATA, DB2, and Oracle.

Web Languages





IIS Server, Apache web Server, Java Web server, BEA Web Logic 4.5, and

MTS server.

Special Skills


COM/DCOM, COM+, CORBA, RMI, EJB, Servlets, Active-X, .NET, UML, DNA,


Development Tools


MS FrontPage, MS Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual source safe,

Rational Rose, Crystal reports, and MS Office.


Professional Experience:

I) Project: Intranet Tax system.

Client: Dept. of Finance and Administration (DFA).

Period: Mar 02 Oct 02.


New Tax System built using the .Net technology to replace the existing COBOL mainframe tax system and with more new functionality, to integrate the best of industry practices and technology into daily business operations to proactively meet the information technology service delivery and business needs of the DFA customers. The spirals implemented are Security, Tax Authority, Accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Forms, and Communications.


        Designed Database using Object Oriented database methodologies, used E-R diagrams, and

Normalization methods.

        Used Validation Controls in ASP.NET for validating Front-end form.

        Created Data Centric applications using ADO.NET and created windows forms using C#.

        Designed Forms for Address Book interface in C# using ADO.NET, DataGrid and Datalist controls.

        Used other features like Form Security, Sessions, and Databindings etc.

        Consumed web services on the client side to generate reports.

        Setup of ADO.NET for connectivity to Crystal Reports and Database.


Tools/Technologies used: ASP. Net, C#, ADO. Net, XML Web Service, XML, SOAP, Crystal Reports, VSS,

UML, MS Visio, MS BizTalk server, MS-SQL 2000, DB2, IIS and Windows 2000.


II) Project: Tracking System.

Client: International Papers Inc., TN.

Period: Sep 01 Feb 02.


Developing an Intranet based application using VS.NET, IIS 5, VB.NET and ASP.NET. It deals with the workflow management in the firm. It is designed to help a workgroup keep track of ongoing tasks under each project, future tasks, and also day-to-day progress of each of them. The purpose of this application is to create a centralized database for the firm that will enable the project managers to enter their reports on the ongoing tasks, updating the tasks completed, and report their progress on a day-to-day basis to the directors. The project directors can keep track of the progress of each project using web-based reports and add some comments and suggest modifications on the completed tasks. All the project managers and project directors are the users of the application.


        Installed and configured IIS server for intranet system.

        Designed and developed the required SQL stored procedures, triggers and database functions.

        Designed and developed the application in ASP.NET, VB.NET and ADO.NET.

        Developing database and business logic components using VB.NET.

        Developed user controls using VB.NET.

        Used Validation Controls in ASP.NET for validating Front-end form.

        Using ADO.NET for database transactions through various stored procedures

        Creating Graphics Design, Front End User Interface Design, HTML Layouts and Style Sheets.

        Designed and developed the Administration and Security modules.


Tools/Technologies used: VB.NET, ASP.NET, VS.NET, IIS 5.0, ASP, Visual InterDev 6.0, MTS, VBScript, Java Script, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000, HTML/DHTML, and Windows 2000.


III) Project: B2B Integration System.

Client: Alcoa Chemicals International.

Period: Dec 00 Aug 01.


This B2B Integration project replaces some of the old EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) process of Air Products and Chemicals Inc. This takes the advantage of new XML technology to transfer data over Internet. Based on CIDX (Chemical Industry Data eXchange) Chem. E-Standard through ELEMICA (Hub). Purchase Orders will be received over Internet thru Commerce server and using Microsoft BizTalk server; format of data will be converted from XML to flat file and sent to Mainframe. When Mainframe completes the processing of data it returns Order Response, Invoice back to BizTalk server, in turn BizTalk Server sends the data to corresponding trading partner in XML. This process is called Sell Side since we receive purchase order (selling chemicals and gases). Buy side project is just vice versa, it sends out Purchase order and receive Order Response, Order Change, Order Cancel and Invoice. The whole supply chain management process is automated by this project.


        Involved in Microsoft BizTalk server and IIS Installation and configuration.

        Designed and developed the required SQL stored procedures, triggers and database functions.

        Full Network Diagrams, Schematics and configuration documentations using Visio and MS Power Point.

        Creation of XML (eXtensible Markup Language) Schemas for CIDX (Chemical Industry Data eXchange) Chem.

        Responsible for developing Business Logic, Data Access Components in Visual Basic and deploying in MTS.

        Used JavaScript for client side validations, and ASP for server side.

        Developed Data Access components using ADO in VB.

        Created Admin pages in ASP to find out the status of the documents being processed, and pending orders.

        Developed Reports Using Crystal Reports.

        Involved in Unit testing and Peak Load Testing for the complete system and Integration of the project.


Tools/Technologies used: BizTalk Server 2K, MS Commerce server, SQL Server 2K, Visual Basic, XML,

XSLT, UML, COM+, Crystal reports, ASP, MS Visio, MTS, IIS, MS Windows 2K Server.


IV) Project:

Client: Kotak Securities Ltd., Bombay, India.

Period: Feb 00 to Nov 00.

Description: Kotak securities is an online brokerage firm. It provides online information on IPO's, Primary Debts and Mutual Funds for all the stock exchanges in India. This system also supports features like Market News, Market Commentary, Trading Highlights, and Graphical presentation of major Indices, Stock Alert's for the registered users and information of Quotes. Gaming is another major feature in which the buying and selling of IPOs is carried online.

House Keeping: This is an interface provided to client through which client can Manipulate the data in Database (i.e. DB2).


        Design of Use cases and project design in UML using Rational Rose.

        Design and Development of House Keeping* module using advanced Java (Servlets).

        Created database tables, stored procedures, stored functions, triggers and other database objects.

        Development and Handling of JSP files and EJBs in the site using JBuilder and BEA Web Logic server.

        Developed the connection module using JDBC.

        Developed controller servlet, which is part of the admin module.


Tools/Technologies used: Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, DB2, JBuilder, JDBC, UML, Rational Rose, BEA Web Logic 2.0 and UNIX.


V) Project: Classified Ads company automation project.

Client: AdWeb Inc., Singapore.

Period: Mar 99 to Jan 00.

Description: The project scope includes the automation of a classified ad company's advertisement submission, billing, payment, and maintenance operations. Customers access the system through the company's web site and they will be able to read existing ads or place new ads. The company's employees access the system through a Win32 application via Company's LAN. The web client is developed using HTML and ASP. The web clients access the components, which are deployed in MTS; the win32 LAN application is developed using Visual Basic. The middleware is built using COM/DCOM components developed using Visual C++ and the database runs on a Unix server.


        Developed most of the database and implemented relational integrity.

        Developed VB modules to invoke the COM components that connect to the database.

        Developed COM components in VC++ to implement the business logic.

        Developed most of the GUI for clients in VB and ASP (Visual Interdev).

        Deployed COM components in MTS server for monitoring transactions.

        Configured MTS server and Participated in testing the intranet model.

        Created several reports using Crystal Reports.


Tools/Technologies used: Visual C++, VB, COM/DCOM, ASP, ADO, Dream weaver, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Interdev, Crystal Reports, MTS, IIS, Oracle, NT and UNIX.  


VI) Project: Procurement Information Management.

Client: Amruth Food Corp Pvt. Ltd, India.

Period: Jun 98 Feb 99.

Description: This project was developed to achieve complete sales information management including raw material management & sales processing. The company is engaged in manufacturing & Marketing a wide range of cattle foods. Vendors and employers can access through online. The various modules are designed and developed to perform the following tasks.

    Master file creation & Maintenance - Customer Master, Production Master, Raw Material Management, Employee master with relevant details.

    Transaction - Quotation Preparation, Order Preparatioon, Challan Preparation, Sales Invoice Preparation

    Raw Material - Purchasing & Billing, Stock Register

    Salary Processing

    Reports - Work Orders, Challan Printing, Sales Invoice, Product wise sales, Challan Backlog, Customer Ledger, Raw Material Ledger, Salary Ledger.

    Stock Ledger for both Raw & Produced Material


        GUI Design using VB 4.0

        Prepared E-R diagrams and Use cases (UML).

        Created several database tables.

        Used Remote Data Objects for database connectivity.

        Involved in software testing and documentation.

Tools/Technologies used: Windows 98, Windows NT Server, Visual Basic 4.0, MS Access 97, ASP, IIS, UML, RDO.



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