Viking Ski Club

December 2003 Newsletter
Viking celebrates 75 years 1929-2004!

President's Message

Consistent with what I asked from contributors to the December Viking Newsletter, I promised our new newsletter editor, John Symon, to make my text brief. The directors welcome John to this important function. He is taking over from Helen Matheson who recently resigned after editing 24 issues of the Viking Newsletter over six years. We extend our many thanks to Helen for a job well done over this period.

At the moment, colder weather has arrived but we are awaiting further snowfalls to permit packing of our trails and setting of tracks. At Viking, all is ready for the 2003 / 2004 season; trail clearing was completed in November and track-setting equipment is presently undergoing final tuneups. Preparations for the start of the Youth Programs and our touring program on the first weekend of January are well under way. We are pleased that our instructors-coaches Rick Nesbitt / Sylvie Bouffard, Brian Morin and Anne Nicholson are with us again to continue their popular work with our youngsters and teens. New this season are special racing clinics, to be held on three consecutive Saturdays in January, open to program participants as well as adults. A registration form is included with this newsletter mailing.

New membership applications and renewals and have been coming in at a steady rate, as have program registrations. At this point, we are ahead of last year's numbers, which is encouraging. I wish to welcome specifically all new members to the Club.

The Morin-Heights - Viking Loppet 2004 will be held on Sunday, February 22. A loppet registration form is included with this newsletter mailing and discounts are offered for registrations post marked before January 24, 2004 (see page 4).

Last night, we had a very enjoyable Fall Meeting / Social at Norway Nordic in Ste-Anne de Bellevue with participation of about 30, including several new members. Next social event will be the Viking dinner / social at the Clubhouse on Saturday, January 24, 2004 (see page 2).

A new ditch has been created between Jackson Road and the Viking parking lot due to recent road work by municipal road crews. As a result, there is now only one entrance point to the parking lot, just west of the hydro pole. This entrance is about 40-ft wide and has been marked 'on site'. Since many members and visitors have, in the past, entered the parking area at an earlier point, everyone will now need to keep this new 'restriction' very much in mind when arriving. Having only one entrance will also facilitate verification of membership cards by the 'hosts of the day'.

The listing of Current Club Directors / Coordinators, their responsibilities and coordinates is detailed on the last page of this Newsletter and has been revised since October. Please feel free to contact any of us with your suggestions, comments etc.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club and out on the trails this winter. Best wishes for the coming season! Joyeuses fˆtes et bon ski !

Erik Vikander, Dec. 4, 2003

Trail clearing report

by Jean-Pierre Campeau The trails are ready! We worked until the first week of November. Good news, the whole Red is now open for skiers! All we need now is snow, lots of it . . .

Many thanks to those who came and worked on trail clearing -- especially Pierre Fluet and Rolf Christiansen who came every week. These two did 25% of the work (16 days out of a total of 64). Other regulars included the Mackenzies, the Wills, Celia Lang, Dick Pickering, the Mitchells, Paul Tree and Paul Harrison. Seventeen others also turned out, among them a couple of new recruits, Christoffer and Filip Andersen who were there, eating their lunch with their dad Rune when a bear cub walk by about ten metres away.

A total of 27 people participated, but we could have used more hands. Out of the 47 members interested in working on trail clearing, according to last year's membership form, 32 did not come (12 members who came were not on that list). So, let me suggest that, as of the resolution for the new year, you write in your brand new 2004 agenda TRAIL CLEARING on every week in October and November.

Now, get your skis ready; we're going!

Viking Social Supper

Our annual social supper will take place at the clubhouse on Saturday, January 24, 2004 starting with cocktails at 5:30. Again this year we can look forward to Kristin Campeau's mouth-watering graavlax and Hjordis Wills' first rate menu.

The theme will honour of both the UN International Year of Fresh Water (2003 will be over, but what the heck) and the medium on which we Vikings depend for our enjoyment, come as/bring some reference to water - from water closets to fly fishing to bathing beauties! We should have a whale of a time. Don't, however, bring water instead of wine. The cost is $15/person. As usual, seating is limited. Reserve your place with David or Daphne Mitchell at: 482-8078 or at

Saturday Jackrabbit Lessons to start January 3

By Sharon Sawyer, JR Programme Coordinator

Hello Jackrabbits & Parents!

Just a few brief reminders as the season is about to start, and as we all start wishing for the snow to fall in abundance! It's not too late for us to accept new children into the program, so send in your memberships! Lessons start Saturday, January 3rd, 2004 at 10 a.m. beside Skip's Hut on the frozen pond below the Viking Clubhouse. Bunnies finish their lessons at 11:30 a.m. and Jackrabbits finish at noon.

This year we are anticipating many new members - please help to make everyone feel welcome and assist anyone needing directions.

Make sure that your children are dressed warmly and in layers. Also make sure that your children's equipment is the proper size and in good condition (check those bindings!) - Norway Nordic & Play It Again would be happy to assist you if you are still looking for ski equipment. May I suggest a 'trial run' before the first lesson - a tryout at getting ready to leave with all the gear in plenty of time to get to the Clubhouse before the 10:00 starting time! (Don't forget skis, boots, poles, snacks, extra clothes & boots, lunch for all members of the family!) To minimize clutter, please store extra gear in your vehicle rather than in the Clubhouse.

Volunteers are ALWAYS needed, please give me a call if you could give your time as a Group Leader or a 'sweep' on a regular basis.

Tell your friends about Viking - new members are welcome!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Clubhouse or on the trails! May I take this opportunity, on behalf of the coaches and administration, to wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday season!

Editor's note: For many years, Viking has operated Jackrabbit and Bunny Rabbit courses for children aged four to 10, initiating them to cross-country (x-c) skiing. Older children move onto the Challenge program. Canadian Olympic team member, Chris Blanchard, is among Viking's alumni. The popularity of these Saturday programs is such that some childless Viking members prefer to follow Gord Cohen's tour schedule and go elsewhere.

Sunday Racing/ Challenge Youth Program

by Rick Nesbitt What is the Racing/Challenge Program and who is it for? As presented in the Club's brochure describing the youth programs: "the program is designed to give the young skier a good background in ski and race techniques." That's the short answer. If you're interested in the long answer, read on.

We've designed the program to suit young skiers in our club who are ready to move on beyond the Jackrabbit program due to age, ability or both. A fairly strong skiing ability is required as many of our sessions involve long tours. Although we don't always ski at a race pace, we do tend to motor.

Some of our young skiers are aspiring x-c ski racers. For these racers the Racing/Challenge Program provides, when augmented by a year-round active sporting life and two to three additional general aerobic activities per week (for example, biking-to-school or other sports activities), all the key steps a skier must take in the 8-12 year age category to develop into a top-level international competitor, as defined in Cross Country Canada's "Road Map to a World Championship Title" from their Competitor Development Model.

However, the majority of our young skiers do not fall into this category. Most have other interests; swimming, paddling, running, soccer, mountain biking, hockey, music, to name a few, competitive or recreational, of which x-c skiing may complement or provide a distraction from. (I'm a great believer in cross-training.) These skiers may also compete in local races, loppets and the Canadian Ski Marathon.

Whatever the motivation or goals, we've created a program with variety and fun at the heart of it all. From Telemarking to race training to touring to winter camping, it all has different benefits and attractions. And if we can keep it fun, motivation isn't a problem.

If you still have questions, we'd be delighted to hear from you. You can call me, Rick, or Sylvie at 450-226-2368 or Randi at 450- 458-7383. Our emails are also in the back. Hope to talk to you soon or see you on the snow.

Viking Dohrendorf Defi

Viking Spring Tour to Mont Megantic March 5th to 7th, 2004

This year's Viking Spring Fling will take us to famous Mont Megantic in a sparsely-populated part of the Townships, east of Sherbrooke. This 1105-metre summit, 137 metres higher than Mt.Tremblant, is topped by two astronomical observatories. In recent years Mont Megantic Park has developed into one of Quebec's better x-c ski centres. It has been on the racing calendar while maintaining good back-country trails. Hut rentals are now available, similar to those in Parc Mont Tremblant and the average annual snow accumulation here is 6 meters! I have booked four Chalets at Le Domaine des Montagnais at a cost of about $75 per person for two days based on a total participation of 24 persons. Additional persons can also be accommodated. The SEPAQ-administered Mont Megantic x-c Ski Centre is only a 10-minute drive away from the chalets. Please register early, as space is limited, by sending me a cheque for $80 per person. Participants should also expect to pay a trail fee and some other expenses. Also, please let me know whom you wish to share a room with.

More information available at: (snow report)

Please call if you have questions:
Bus. 514-932-8660 # 225
Res. 450-437-4092

Warm wishes,
Michael Dohrendorf


Thule Roof Box Available

A friend of Erik's no longer needs his Thule carrier Box - perhaps a Viking member would be interested. For more information, please call Jim Douglas directly: 514-488-9608. A separate carrying rack is included - would fit a Toyota Camry (Box fits any suitable car-rack). One or both are available for a modest sum of $ 50 - half of which goes into the Viking kitty

Morin-Heights - Viking Loppet 2004

On February 22, 2004, the Viking Ski Club and the Municipality of Morin Heights will be teaming up for the third time to stage the 32nd Annual Morin-Heights - Viking Loppet. The Loppet has seen a steady increase in participants over the past two years and 400 skiers are expected at this year's event.

Tuckamor ad 1 columnThe loppet features three events - 10-km, 20-km and 38-km - as well as a 2.5-km "Mini-Loppet" for youngsters. Last year, the 10-km event was a favourite for families with young children. To encourage even greater participation this year, supervision of children five years of age and over, who are registered in the "Mini-Loppet" will be available to parents participating in the 10-km event.

The organizing committee would like to thank members who already have confirmed to be volunteers. It takes volunteers to make it happen on February 22nd and we are always looking for new people who are willing to take on outdoors and indoors positions. If you wish to help, contact Wilma Wiemer: at 450-226-9928 or

Take advantage of the Early Bird Special and tell your friends and neighbours. Help us to make this year's event the best ever!

Saturday Tour Schedule 2004

(all tours start at 10 a.m.)

Lac Brûlé‚ January 10th

Hosts: Winona and Steve Sewell, (819)-326-5177

A 16-km tour around Lac Br–l‚ for intermediate skiers. Ease yourself into the new season on this terrific tour! Take Laurentian Autoroute exit 89, turn right onto route 329N, direction St. Donat. Drive 3.0 km and turn right onto a private road, marked "MARTIN-SEWELL." Follow this road at the end where your hosts, Steve and Winona will be waiting. A shorter tour is planned but not yet confirmed.

Morin Heights, Triangle, Salzbourg, etc. January 17th

Host: Ernie Reigle 1-450-226-2301

The Reigle's house sits right on the trails and numerous different trips can be taken depending on conditions. To get there, take #364W into the village of Morin Heights, and turn left at the flasher (Vaillancourt's) onto Echo Lake Road. After about 600-m, turn left onto Sunset, and then take the first left onto CloverLeaf. Follow along to #68 which is the last house on the left. Hjordis Wills will lead the shorter tour.

Morin-Heights-St. Adolphe de Howard, January 24th

Host: Sylvia Fendle 450-226-8576

A tour for intermediate skiers along the old Corbeau and other wilderness trails which connect St Adolphe with the Auberge Swiss Inn in Morin Heights over a distance of approximately 14 km. Depending on snow and weather conditions, some of the participants might wish to ski the route in both directions. We will meet in the parking lot of the Auberge Swiss Inn located 2 km north of Morin Heights on Route #329 towards St Adolphe. Sorel Cohen will lead a shorter tour.

St Faustin, January 31

Hosts: Chris and Linda Lyle, 484-8632, cottage: (819)-326-8769.

A 17-km tour for intermediate skiers on wilderness trails, including parts of the original Maple Leaf and Western trails as well as the scenic Cornu Ridge. From Montreal, take Autoroute 15 north past Ste Agathe. Then, 11.2 km after the merge with Highway 117, at a former gas station, turn left at the signs for Mountain Acres Golf Club. After 0.9 km, beyond a sharp left and under the power lines at the top of a hill, turn right through the gate sign posted Valdurn. Follow this road for 2.9 km, past a junction on the left until a junction where you turn sharp right. Follow this road for 1.8 km, past a sign for Lac … Caille and drive clockwise around this small lake to the end where you will find the Lyle cottage. In summer time, door-to-door is about 75 minutes from Montreal. A short tour will be available.

Loken Trail, February 7

Host: Mike Loken, 450-224-5631

A unique 22-km loop for intermediate skiers entirely on the Loken Trail, which was laid out and is maintained by Mike himself. Gordon Cohen will lead a somewhat shorter tour. Take Laurentian Autoroute exit 57, follow Chemin Ste-Anne-des-Lacs for approximately 3 km. Immediately before a parking lot on your right, turn right onto Chemin des Noyers. Follow this road to the very end, a distance of about 1.5-km, where your host, Mike Loken will be waiting at # 125.

Morin Heights, February 14

Hosts: Derek and Hjordis Wills, 683-0696, cottage: 450-226-8923

An intermediate tour using the well-groomed trails around the Wills' cottage. Derek will lead a longer trip and Hjordis, a shorter one. From St. Sauveur follow 364W to Morin Heights. After the first traffic light, take the first right onto Watchorn past Auberge Clos Joli to a T-junction. Turn right onto Belisle, continue for 1 km to #299 on your left. Derek and Hjordis will be waiting at their cottage. Bring your skis up the hill to their cottage.

February 21-NO TOUR

We want to concentrate our efforts on the Morin-Heights - Viking Loppet, which takes place the following day, Sunday, Feb. 22.

Lac Notre Dame, February 28

Hosts: Lou & Jean Lukanovich, 450-226-2879 (R), 450-226-6685 (B).

An 18-km tour around Lac Notre Dame on trails adjacent to our own Viking trails, for intermediate skiers with endurance. A shorter tour will also be available. When passing the Viking clubhouse on Jackson Road, continue past Lacs Edouard and Diez d'Aux through the T intersection at Chemin des Montfortains to a Y intersection. Bear right and follow "Lac Notre Dame Nord" down a steep slope and as the road starts to climb again, you will see #1119 on the left where Jean and Lou will be waiting.

Dohrendorf Defi March 5-6-7

Mike's annual extended tour is at Parc Mont Megantic.

Please refer to Michael's article in this Viking Newsletter.

Montfort-Newago, March 13

Hosts: Gordon and Sorel Cohen. 482-1327, chalet: 450-226-9664

A relaxed tour and wiener roast picnic, the Cohens will supply the hot dogs and buns, you bring your own beverages. This year, please wait for your hosts before starting out! To reach our cottage, take 364 W from St.Sauveur. Continue along 364W through Morin Heights and take the first left turn onto Chemin du Montfort (about 4-5 km past the village of Morin Heights). In the village of Montfort turn right at the stop sign. Cross the bridge and turn left at the next stop sign. Then turn right at the next stop sign (at the lake) onto Chemin de Fer. We are at # 906 Chemin de Fer.

Mystery destination, March 20

Gordon and Audrey Little

Another relaxed, late season tour. Gordon will lead us wherever snow conditions are best. Please call him to find out where we meet. 450-669-5136, cottage: 450-226-8299

If you have any questions about the above, please call Gordon Cohen, Touring Co-ordinator Res. 482-1327, office 271-4646, cell 979-0065, Cottage: 450-226-9664

Thursday Tours

This year we start on January 8th and Frank Giffen continues as our able leader. Again, we suggest the purchase of a Carte-Reseau (see page 6) with your membership.

Frank and Jane Giffen 514-694-6693;

Derek Wills: assistant coordinator 683-0696;

Note Bene

For both Saturday and Thursday tours:

1) Let the tour leader/host know that you will participate.

2) Bring trail snacks lunch and liquids

3) Dress warmly in thin layers and bring an extra sweater

4) Arrive with your skis waxed and bring additional waxes. Be prepared to start skiing at 10 a.m.

5) Guests of members are welcome

6) For last minute details on any of these tours, call the tour leader or myself, Gordon Cohen

Cartes R‚seau still available

The famous carte réseau, permitting those holding it to ski one day for free at some 19 Laurentian x-c centres, is still available. Paid-up Viking members can purchase the carte for $15 from Marilyn Geddis at 5745 Cote St-Luc Rd. #503, Hampstead, QC H3X 2E5 or 514-486-7912.

Membership News

'The Membership Directory' - included in this mailing envelope - has been altered from previous years. Currently, only those whose membership applications were received by December 7th, 2003 have been included. In previous years, we included all members whether they had renewed or not, plus new members. Therefore, you may find this listing to be 'thinner' than in the past. Please verify this listing for accuracy and convey any required changes to Murray Moss at

New memberships can still be sent to Marilyn Geddis. We will issue supplementary membership listing sheets on monthly basis to show additional members for the 2003/2004 season. These will be transmitted via email and stapled to the membership listing in the entrance hall at the Clubhouse. For those without email capability, they will be added as inserts to the February/March Newsletter.

For those previous members whose renewals have not been received by mid-February, 2004, this will be your last Newsletter. Among the benefits of club membership, Vikings have full access to our own 55-km of trails, including the newly re-opened Red Trail. Vikings also have free access to the Morin Heights trail network, including the Aerobic Corridor, but not to Morin Heights parking lots. Proof of Viking membership required to ski Morin Heights trails for free.


Maria Bourne (1909-2003)

Just a brief note to report on the sad passing of longtime member Maria Bourne in Ottawa on November 29. Viking Ski Club extends its sincere sympathies to the surviving family.

Earlier in 2003, her husband Douglas passed away. Our October Newsletter recounts Douglas' life and his contributions to the Club. Doug and Maria were members of Viking since the 1960s. An archived June 1969 newsletter shows Doug as Touring Chairman of the Club for the 1969/1970 season. The Bournes lived in Montreal before moving to Ottawa the early 80s until which time they were involved in numerous Viking activities and made important contributions to the Club. Doug's contacts in the building industry, mainly through his brother John, who died late 2002, permitted the Club to get low-cost building materials for the original clubhouse as well as other works. Behind the clubhouse still stands the small cabin Doug and Maria built that was later donated to the Club. An acknowledgement plaque is on the wall in the lounge of the clubhouse. E.V.

Welcome to New Members!

Richard Bougie
Ann Carson-Tempier
Stewart Dowbiggin & Amanda Glew
Ismo Makkonen & Eeva-liisa Makkonen
Alan & Sheila Newsome
William O'Neill & Danielle Ste-Marie
Anne Poland
Donald Smith & Andrea Patch-Smith
Claude Th‚rien & Carol Fiedler
Hélène Tremblay
Michelle Walsh & Bernard Blouin

Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM)

The 37th consecutive ski marathon will be held Feb. 7 & 8th, 2004. This 160-km event starts in Gatineau to finish in Lachute. For more information, contact 1-877-770-6556 or

CSM 2004 - 'Viking Internationals' - Looking for a 4th Member

As some of you may know, our team comprising Martin Visser, Dr. Ross McLean, Miro Balcar and myself (Vic Emery), tied for first place in the 2003 CSM in the Men's Veteran category for the Ottawa trophy, skiing 37 out a possible 40 sections from an 8 a.m. start. Following last year's experience and following reflection, the group decided to give it one more try to do all 40 sections ( five sections per day / person). We will again be up against the Nakkertok foursome (average age under 50) versus our aging lot of close to 65 on average. We felt that the 40 sections would be possible, this time going from west to east and under the right conditions. Unfortunately, Miro will not be able to participate so we are looking for a new qualified replacement who can stick with our group as we attempt to go the full distance. This is an opportunity of a lifetime so please let me if there are any Vikings, or if you know someone, who would qualify. Please let me know as soon as possible at

With best wishes for a great winter and the approaching holiday season.

Victor Emery

Ski Conditions & Website

Updated snow and trail condition information about the Viking trail network is available by calling 450-226-3284 or visiting:

Newsletter submissions

Viking, the newsletter of the Viking Ski Club, is mailed to 250 families four times annually. Articles and comments are welcomed by the editor, John Symon, at 4512 Patricia Ave, Montreal, H4B 1Z1, 514-485-5795 or

.Advertising rates:

classified ad: 1 issue / 4 issues

Members $10 / $30
Non-members $15 / $45
ad rates by page size:
Business card $ 20 / $ 60
Quarter-page $ 30 / $ 90
One-third-page $ 40 / $ 120
Half-page $ 50 / $ 150
Full-page $ 70 / $ 200

Clubhouse Hosting

Some 55 hosts are needed throughout the ski season to open the clubhouse on weekend mornings, direct parking, answer questions, and ensure proper functioning of the club. For more information, call Stan and Sandy Cytrenbaum at 369-0964 or

Viking 2004 Calendar

Jackrabbit/ bunnyrabbit program starts at Viking Clubhouse 10 a.m. Sat., January 3
Touring Program starts at Lac Brul‚ 10 a.m. Sat., January 3
Racing Program starts at Viking 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, January 4
Viking Open House at Viking Clubhouse Sat., January 10
Viking Dinner Social at Viking Clubhouse 5 p.m. Sat. January 24
Mont Ste Anne Loppet Jan. 31 & Feb. 1
Canadian Ski Marathon Gatineau to Lachute Feb. 7 & 8
Keskinada Loppet Gatineau Park (800) 465-1867 Feb. 14-15
Morin-Heights - Viking Loppet Morin-Heights (See page.3) Sun. Feb. 22

Places to train mid-week:

Are you training for the marathon but living in the city? Some Viking members wonder where to find good places to train midweek and/or Sundays. Mount Royal is a good place, but often too crowded with slow-moving skiers unless you go early in the morning. Did you know Mount Royal is usually skiable at night, even without a headlamp? Reflected light from downtown makes the tracks visible, especially when the moon is bright. Unfortunately, most x-c ski facilities shut down at sunset unless there is outdoor skating nearby. Mount Royal's Beaver Lake Pavilion, where washrooms, a public telephone and a concession stand are found, is usually open until 9 p.m. Parc de la Riviere des Mille Iles similarly has outdoor skating and facilities there are open in the evening.

Bois-de-Liesse 22 km St-Laurent (514) 280-parc
Bois Duvernay 25 km Laval (450) 661-1766
Cap-St-Jacques 32 km West Island (514) 280-6871
Centre de la Nature 5 km Laval (450) 662-4942
Mont St-Bruno 35 km St-Bruno (450) 653-7544
Mont-Royal 20 km centre-ville
Notre-Dame-de-Fatima 30 km Île-Perrôt (514) 453-7600
Pointe-des-Praires 23 km Montréal (514) 280-6691
Rivière-des-Mille-Îles 14 km Laval (450) 622-1020

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