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President’s Message

At time of writing, we have had one of the longest roller-ski seasons on record, thanks to an extended period of unusually warm weather. Up to this point in Montreal, we have been spared the seasonal slush, but are beginning to long for the winter snow and the beginning of 2001/02 season on our trails.

Trail clearing and grooming work have recently been completed over the entire Viking network with the participation of some 26 volunteers from the Viking membership. Special thanks go to Jean-Pierre Campeau, Pierre Fluet, Rolf Christiansen and Doug Bowes-Lyons and sons, whose cumulative efforts accounted for nearly one half of the 85 person-days involved. Water levels at the beaver ponds on the 10k loop of the racing trails have been lowered and we expect to see this area opened up for skiing this winter. Maintenance and tune-ups of our snowmobiles and track-setting equipment are in their final stages and, all in all, we are in great shape for the coming season.

We are now receiving membership renewals, new membership applications and Youth Program registrations in increasing numbers and preparations are underway for the start of these programs during the first weekend of the New Year.

The hosting schedule still has available dates to choose from and members are encouraged to make their bookings as soon as possible with Stan Cytrynbaum at (514) 396-0964.(see page)

The Board is pleased to welcome Jarmila Philipp as a Director and Treasurer of the Club. We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to Neil Matheson, who served in this position for the past three years. We are also pleased to welcome Murray Moss, in the important position of ‘volunteer information co-ordinator.’ Many thanks to Alison Steel for having taken on this job last year. Murray had now completed a summary of members’ volunteer preferences from information on renewal forms. Further data will be entered as renewals and new registrations come in. This valuable information will be transmitted via e-mail to all activity co-ordinators for their use and follow-up of volunteering needs.

On November 21 we had a very successful and enjoyable Fall Meeting / Social at the McCord Museum. We especially thank Randi Olsen and Wilma Wiemer for having worked with the Museum since early this year to make this event possible. Food and refreshments were superbly organized by Daphne and David Mitchell. See write-up by Randi on page of the Newsletter.

The joint planning with the Town of Morin-Heights for the 30th running of the Loppet (this year called Morin Heights–Viking Loppet) on February 24, 2002 has been underway for some time and we are grateful for Wilma Wiemer’s tireless work in this respect. Marketing and publicity phases are underway and joint working committees are being formed for planning and implementing all the details. The Club is asking the membership to volunteer generously to make this a very special and successful event. See write-up by Wilma on page of the Newsletter.

Club Directors and Co-ordinators, their responsibilities and coordinates are listed on page 12. Please feel free to contact any of us with suggestions, comments etc.

I look forward to seeing you at the Club and out on the trails this winter.

Best wishes for the coming season

Erik Vikander

Joint Morin-Heights – Viking Loppet gets GREEN LIGHT

After several months of discussions, the Town of Morin-Heights has approved a joint Morin-Heights-Viking Loppet. The new partnership will be an opportunity to entice local residents to participate as skiers and volunteers and to enhance the Club’s visibility in the community. Other benefits include the promotion of the greater Morin-Heights area as Canada’s Cross-Country-Ski Capital and Viking as the number ONE cross-country ski club in the Laurentians.

We have worked together to broaden the event and to make it more attractive for racers, recreational skiers and spectators. The Morin-Heights Elementary School will be the Loppet headquarters for registration, parking, post-race meals, results and prize ceremony. All races will start at the Viking Club and will finish near the school. Shuttle buses will bring skiers to the starting line.

New awards will be introduced based on distance completed within a specific time for skiers who want to participate but don’t wish to race. A new 2.5 km event for very young skiers will be staged close to the school. The school will be the centre of free activities including exhibits and ski and waxing clinics.

To promote the event and to attract potential participants, the enclosed Loppet brochure will be distributed to major Montreal ski stores, Laurentian ski centres and all Morin-Heights’ households. Loppet details such as registration fees, deadlines, awards, busing etc. will be published in a separate newsletter and sent to all those who have participated in the last three years and will be mailed on request to others interested. All Loppet information will also be posted on the Club’s web site.

Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit Corner

Dear Santa Claus, North Pole:

We are writing to you with our holiday gift list because you probably know all the children in our skiing program. We imagine that you, Mrs. Claus and the elves like to cross-country ski when you’re not busy with Christmas preparations. Have you ever been in a loppet? What distance badges will you and your reindeer earn this season? Our awards stop at 500km. Anyway, here is our Christmas wish list.

For the Bunnyrabbits: some new toys, matching mittens, and a cozy fire in Skip’s hut.

For the Jackrabbits: slightly worn skis that aren’t too expensive, and some new ski trails to explore.

For the Parents: three hours of uninterrupted skiing in the afternoon.

For Brian Morin, our head instructor: a video camera on his hat to record the season’s special events.

For Anne Nicholson, assistant head instructor: another spiffy hat like the one she had last year.

For the coordinators: lots of volunteers.

Note to parents

We extend thanks to those parents who have already called and shown interest in helping out this season.

If you are looking for equipment or have something to sell, try our internet site ski exchange at

Instructors Brian and Anne will be back with us again this season.

Lessons begin at Skip’s Hut at 10:00AM on Saturday, January 5th, 2002. Pick up your pinny at the Clubhouse before you go down to the pond.

In late December, an information package will be sent out to parents of all children registered in the program. Have a good holiday season and we’ll see you soon.

Geoff Anderson / Alice Havel

Program Coordinators

Voice/fax: (514) 426-9203


Save Money….Check Out the Ski Sale on the Internet

For all parents with young skiers in the Viking Club programs, please check out our web site since this year there is a new section where you can list your good second hand ski equipment for sale to other members and where you might be able to save money by buying similar equipment. We owe a great deal of thanks to Richard Labonville for all his excellent work on the internet site. You can enter the data for your equipment directly at your home computer. It is a service offered by the Viking Club to its members.

Promote Viking ski club - Attract new members !!!

New this year! In this mailing you will find a self-adhesive vinyl sticker you can affix almost anywhere. May we suggest on your car, van or ski box?

To apply this decal, clean the area well – (for best adhesion wipe with alcohol to remove any wax). Peel off the back liner paper, leaving the Viking logo on the masking paper. Press this firmly onto your vehicle. Remove mask.

To order larger sized stickers, (6" or 10" at $8 each) in blue or high-visibility white, please contact Mark Brenchley at 483-2598 or

Of Vikings and Skraelings

On a recent November evening some 50+ Vikings of the skiing persuasion gathered in the atrium of the McCord Museum. The event was a social gathering to kick off the 2002 ski season midst artifacts 1000 years old.

After a welcome by President Erik and brief notes by Wilma and Randi on various, a Redbird one David Birk, President of the McCord, bade us welcome. Remi Briard then explained about the new carte reseau available from the RSFL to Viking members this year. As Remi is also the ski coach for Les Fondeurs he also explained about the new regional race team which this year will have Audrey Bouffard-Nesbitt representing Viking Ski Club.

Daphne and David Mitchell provided delicious edibles and drinkables so essential to a modern-day Viking gathering. (Do you think our predecessors enjoyed similar gatherings?)

Two docent volunteers from the McCord, Rhona and Eva, were on hand to guide us through the exhibit – some folk even taking in the excellent Simply Montreal exhibit upstairs.

Our Vikings, well represented by all age groups, felt ourselves surprisingly at home as we mingled and chatted in and around artifacts mounted in small Viking ship-shaped cases with the backdrop of large photos of the Newfoundland shore, a landscape of mountains and sea beloved by us all.

The concept of the traveling exhibit prepared by the Museum of Newfoundland is intriguing – Full Circle: First Contact. It explores what happened when the family of man took a left turn migrating west finally met up with the other lot after 100,000 years or so. The meeting place was L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland. The residents were the Skraelings and the invading lot – you guessed it! – those Vikings.

There is a lot of detail to this exhibit and an audio guide is available. Most of us plan to return to have a proper look at the exhibit as we were having too much fun chatting to absorb it all this time.

A friendly tip: The museum is free Saturday mornings from 10 to 12. The exhibit runs to April 2 and is well worth a visit.

Randi Olsen

Tour Schedule 2002 (all Saturday tours start at 10 am)

LAC BRULE January 5th

Saturday, January 5, 10:00 am.

Hosts: Winona and Steve Sewell, (819)-326-5177

A 16 km tour around Lac Brûlé for intermediate skiers. Ease yourself into the new season on this terrific tour; unfortunately no shorter tour will be offered this year. Take Laurentian Autoroute exit 89, turn right onto route 329N, direction St. Donat. Drive 3.0 km and turn right onto a private road, marked "MARTIN-SEWELL". Follow this road at the end of which your hosts will be waiting.


Saturday, January 12, 10.00 AM.

Hosts: Ernie Reigle 1-450-226-2301

To get to the Riegles', take #364 into the village of Morin Heights, and turn left at the flasher (Vaillancourt's) onto Echo Lake Road. After about 600m turn left onto Sunset, and then take the first left to Clover Leaf. Follow along to #68 which is the last house on the left.

Tours for intermediate skiers of 10, 13 or 17 km lengths. Take route 364 from St. Sauveur to Morin Heights. Before you come to Morin Heights’ first traffic light the road makes a long sweeping turn to the left and crosses the Simon River. Just across the bridge you could turn right to "Centre de ski de fond " but may we suggest you turn left instead onto Meadowbrook Road. There will be a VIKING sign at the junction. Follow Meadowbrook Rd. up a small hill and turn left at # 47 where your host will be waiting.

MORIN HEIGHTS, January 19th

Saturday, January 19, 10.00 AM.

Hosts: Derek and Hjordis Wills, 683-0696, cott: (450)-226-8923

An intermediate tour using the well-groomed trails around the Wills’ cottage. Derek will lead a longer trip and Hjordis, a shorter one. From St. Sauveur follow 364 to Morin Heights. After the first traffic light take the first right onto Watchorn past Auberge Clos Joli to a T junction. Turn right onto Belisle, continue for 1 km to #299 on your left.

LAC NOTRE DAME January 26th

Saturday, January 26, 10:00 am.

Hosts: Lou & Jean Lukanovich, (450)-226-2879 (R), (450)-226-6685 (B).

An 18 km tour around Lac Notre Dame on trails adjacent to our own Viking trails, for intermediate skiers with endurance. A shorter tour will also be available. When passing the Viking clubhouse on Jackson road, continue past Lacs Edouard and Diez d’Aux to a Y intersection at the end of Jackson Road. Bear left and after 400 m there will be another Y, this time bear right, follow "Lac Notre Dame" down a steep slope and as the road starts to climb again, you will see #1119 on the left where your hosts will be waiting.


Saturday, February 2, 10.00 am.

Hosts: Sylvia Fendle and Gilles Saulnier, (450)-226-8576

A tour for intermediate skiers along the old Corbeau and other wilderness trails which connect St Adolphe with the Auberge Swiss Inn in Morin Heights over a distance of approximately 14 km. Depending on snow and weather conditions, some of the participants might wish to ski the route in both directions. We will meet on the parking lot of the Auberge Swiss Inn, located 2 km north of Morin Heights on Route #329 towards St Adolphe.

LOVER’S LEAP February 9th

Saturday, February 9, 10.00 AM.

Hosts: Gordon and Audrey Little, (450)-669-5136, cott: (450)-226-8299

A tour on non track-set trails for intermediate skiers, starting with a 45 minute climb to the peak and returning by the Corbeau and other trails. We meet in the parking lot of the Auberge Swiss Inn 2 km north of Morin Heights on 329 towards St. Adolphe.

LOKEN TRAIL, February 16th

Saturday February 16, 10:00am

Host: Mike and Ann Loken, (450)-224-5631

A unique 20 km tour for intermediate skiers entirely on the Loken Trail which was laid out and is maintained by Mike himself. Take Laurentian autoroute exit 57, follow Chemin Ste-Anne-des-Lacs for approximately 3 km. Immediately before a parking lot on your right, turn right onto Chemin des Noyers. Follow this road to the very end, a distance of about 1.5 km, where your hosts will be waiting at # 125.

Saturday February 23rd no tour.

We want to concentrate our efforts on the Viking-Morin Heights Loppet on Sunday February 24th


Saturday, March 2nd, 10.00 am.

Hosts: Sandy & Stan Cytrynbaum, 369-0964, Cottage 1-450-226-7536 and Ruth Braithwaite, 932-3963, Cottage 1-450-226-8126

This tour uses the Viking and Morin Heights trails north of the Club including the Coureur du Bois which is not track-set. An alternate tour will be available for the less hardy. Coming from Montreal, follow the usual route towards Vikings. From the flashing traffic light in the centre of Morin Heights village, continue for 2.2 km along route #329 and turn right onto the Blue Hills road. After about 2.5 km of steady climbing, turn left on Forest Hill road and go 0.5 km to Lakeshore. Turn left, hugging the lake for about 1.25 km to Moon River road, where you take the right hand fork. Braithwaite’s is the first house on the left, Cytrynbaum’s is the driveway opposite. Park in either driveway where your hosts await you.


Thurs. March 7th through Sunday March 10th

Host Michael Dohrendorf

450-437-4092 (Res) 932-8660 (Bus)

Mike Dohrendorf’s annual extended tour. Details in next newsletter or call Michael directly


Saturday March 16th, 10 AM

Hosts: Gordon and Sorel Cohen. 482-1327, cott: (450)-226-9664

A relaxed tour and wiener roast picnic. To reach our cottage continue on Jackson Road past Viking for about 6 km turning right on Chemin du Montfort. Continue about 2 km to stop sign and turn left crossing Lake St. Francois-Xavier. After about 1 km bear left at stop sign and continue about 2 km until you reach the lake. Turn right onto Chemin de Fer for 1 km to #906 on the right.

Any problem, any time, please call Gordon Cohen, Co-ordinator (res) 482-1327, (office) 271-4646, (cell) 979-0065, (cottage) 450-226-9664

Gordon Cohen

Débroussaillage 2001- rapport final

Tout est prêt. Il ne manque que la neige. Au total, 26 membres ont donné un coup de main et leur contribution représente 85 jours de travail.

Cet été, dès la mi-juillet, Doug Bowes-Lyon, accompagné d’autres membres, a entrepris le projet de remettre en service la boucle qu’on appelle la 10 km sur les pistes de courses. Nous ne pouvions pas utiliser cette piste car elle était inondée par un barrage de castor. Petit à petit, le niveau d’eau fut abaissé, car il fallait agir par étape afin de ne pas causer d’inondation en aval. L ‘entreprise devait durer environ trois mois. Finalement, grâce à la persévérance de Doug, le niveau d’eau est maintenant presque quatre pieds plus bas. Nous pourrons donc utiliser la piste.

La participation aux travaux de débroussaillage a attiré, cette année, un nombre appréciable de membres. Un nouveau membre du club, Manlio Castellani s’est même joint cinq fois à notre équipe. Je l’ai initié aux plaisirs de la débroussailleuse- cette machine diabolique à couper les broussailles. Il ne peut plus s’en passer.

Il ne faut surtout pas oublier la contribution de Pierre Fluet et Rolf Christiansen qui sont venus toutes les semaines et de Walter Van Walsum qui est venu sept fois. J’en profite pour remercier tous ceux et celles qui sont venus –Derek Wills, Sébastien Waerstad-Campeau, Bob et Carol Mackenzie, Daphne et David Mitchell, Michael Dohrendorf, Celia Lang et tous les autres qui sont venus beau temps mauvais temps et toujours de bonne humeur et pour souhaiter à tous une bonne saison de ski.

Jean-Pierre Campeau