2001 December Newes Letter

President Message Jack Rabbit
Jeux du Québec Fall Meeting

Tour Schedule 2001

Lac Brulé Jan 06 Triangle Jan 13
Lac Notre Dame Jan 20 Morin Heights Jan 27 and Feb 03
St-Faustin Feb 10 Mt Legault Feb 17
Blue Hills Feb 18 Viking Loppet Feb 25
Ste Anne Des Lacs Mar 03 Lac Superieur Mar 7-11

President’s Message

At the time of writing, snow has been falling steadily on the Viking trails. Permanence of snow at this time of year is always uncertain but it looks like a promising beginning. Some skiers have already been reported on the Aerobic Corridor where, traditionally, skiing gets an early start .

Trail clearing and grooming work over the entire Viking network was substantially completed in early November with participation of nearly thirty volunteers from the Viking membership. Special appreciation is extended to co-ordinators Jean-Pierre Campeau, Pierre Fluet, Rolf Christiansen, as well as Sébastien Waerstad-Campeau, whose cumulative efforts accounted for nearly one third of person-days involved. In addition to the trail clearing, bridge construction and reinforcing work have just been completed at various stream crossings. Maintenance and tune-ups of snowmobile and tracksetting equipment have been done and,all in all, we should be in great shape for the coming season.

Membership renewals and new membership applications have been coming in at a steady rate, as have registrations for the Jackrabbit/Bunnyrabbit and Youth (Racing/Challenge) programs. Coaches for both programs are working with directors and co-ordinators to plan ahead and to ensure a successful start to the programs during the first weekend of the New Year. The Club’s touring program is also scheduled to start at that time.

The hosting schedule is substantially full, but hosts are still needed on a few days , see page 8 of the Newletter.

The recently formed sub-committee to examine the future of trail and land use, referred to in the October Newsletter, has begun meeting and will continue to do so throughout 2001. Preliminary reporting on the committee’s work is expected at the Annual General Meeting in May, 2001.

Marketing initiatives are now underway, with the distribution of the Club’s general information and programs’ brochures to numerous destinations in the greater Montreal and Morin Heights areas. In addition, we are in touch with Newspapers. The Directors are optimistic that these efforts will bring positive results.

On behalf of the Directors, I would like to extend my very best wishes for the approaching holidays and for the coming ski season.


Erik Vikander


Loppet Registration Forms in this Mailing

This year’s Loppet Event takes place on Sunday February 25th and as usual it will be an event not to be missed. Because the February mailing is often not in members hands until late in February we are including the registration forms with this newsletter. Please take advantage of this and return your entry early.

Viking LOPPET February 25th, 10H00 AM/ LOPPET du Viking 25 Février 10h00 AM

Youth Racing and Challenge News

Hello Racer/Challengers! As I write this in Morin Heights there is snow on the ground and only colder temperatures and more snow in the forecast. Anticipation of winter is prodding those adrenaline glands. The brisk air and the brightness of that thin layer of snow reflecting the sunshine is sparking excitement from inside out. I feel like a motor revving in neutral while I wait for enough snow to ski on.

This year we have more hot young skiers moving up from the Jackrabbit program. My scouting reports that these new recruits added to our remaining Youth Program veterans are going to make up a very fast squad. So, far be it for me to slow down these speed demons. Let’s play with speed and have some fun in the fast lane.

We already have two youth teams registered for the Canadian Ski Marathon as well as some family teams. Although the CSM is a distance event, the need for speed is there if you want to make the checkpoints on time. This will also be a big year for races with the Jeux du Quebec happening this winter, quite a few kids eligible for the Midget Championships (an international event) at St. Jean de Matha, and the usual local races (Coupe des Fondeurs and of course the Viking Loppet and Viking Club Championships).

We’ll also be having fun with the Skiathlom in January. I have a location in mind but I’d like the kids to design the course this year. And we’ll be doing a Telemark Day at Ski Morin Heights to spice up the velocity mix.

Finally we’re going to slow it all down a bit with our winter camping trip which may be blended with a ski cabin trip. This is basically an excuse to go into the woods and party all weekend and enjoy all that spring has to offer.

As I look out the window at that white stuff on the ground I’m thinking about how we’re going to coax more speed out of our skis using waxing and ski technique. In my mind’s eye I can see the trails zooming by like a movie. The movie is "A View to a Thrill" and we’re going to punch the fast forward button. See ya soon!

Rick Nesbitt


Tour Schedule 2001 (all Saturday tours start at 10 am)

LAC BRULE January 6th

Saturday, January 6, 10:00 am.

Hosts: Winona and Steve Sewell, (819)-326-5177

A 16 km tour around Lac Brûlé for intermediate skiers. For those who want to ease themselves into the new skiing season, a 9 km tour will also be arranged. Take Laurentian Autoroute exit 89, turn right onto route 329N, direction St. Donat. Drive 3.0 km and turn right onto a private road, marked "MARTIN-SEWELL". Follow this road at the end of which your hosts will be waiting.



Saturday, January 13, 10.00 AM.

Host: Robert Weiler, 450-226-2413

Tours for intermediate skiers of 10, 13 or 17 km lengths. Take route 364 from St. Sauveur to Morin Heights. Before you come to Morin Heights’ first traffic light the road makes a long sweeping turn to the left and crosses the Simon River. Just across the bridge you could turn right to "Centre de ski de fond " but may we suggest you turn left instead onto Meadowbrook Road. There will be a VIKING sign at the junction. Follow Meadowbrook Rd. up a small hill and turn left at # 47 where your host will be waiting.


LAC NOTRE DAME January 20th

Saturday, January 20, 10:00 am.

Hosts: Lou & Jean Lukanovich, 450-226-2879 (R), 450-226-6685 (B).

An 18 km tour around Lac Notre Dame on trails adjacent to our own Viking trails, for intermediate skiers with endurance. When passing the Viking clubhouse on Jackson road, continue past Lacs Edouard and Diez d’Aux to a Y intersection at the end of Jackson Road. Bear left and after 400 m there will be another Y, this time bear right, follow "Lac Notre Dame" down a steep slope and as the road starts to climb again, you will see #1119 on the left where your hosts will be waiting.


MORIN HEIGHTS January 27th

Saturday, January 27, 10 am

Hosts: Derek & Hjordis Wills

An intermediate tour using the Western and Portageur Trails behind the Wills’ cottage. From the intersection of Village Rd and Hwy 364, take Village Rd east (back towards St. Sauveur) for 2 km, then left on Belisle to #299. From the Wills’ parking lot we climb up to the cottage where the tour begins



Saturday, February 3, 10.00 am.

Hosts: Sylvia Fendle and Gilles Saulnier, (450)-226-8576

A tour for intermediate skiers along the old Corbeau and other wilderness trails which connect St Adolphe with the Auberge Swiss Inn in Morin Heights over a distance of approximately 14 km. Depending on snow and weather conditions, some of the participants might wish to ski the route in both directions. We will meet on the parking lot of the Auberge Swiss Inn, located 2 km north of Morin Heights on Route #329 towards St Adolphe.


ST. FAUSTIN (VALDURN) February 10th

Saturday, February 10, 10.00 AM.

Hosts: Chris and Linda Lyle, 484-8632, week-ends (819)-326-8769.

A 17 km tour for intermediate skiers on wilderness trails, including parts of the original Maple Leaf and Western trails as well as the scenic Cornu Ridge. From Montreal, take autoroute 15 north past Ste Agathe and 11.2 km after the merge with Highway 117 at a former gas station, turn left at the signs for Mountain Acres Golf Club. After 0.9 km, beyond a sharp left and under the power lines at the top of a hill, turn right through the gate sign posted Valdurn. Follow this road for 2.9 km, past a junction on the left until a junction where you turn sharp right. Follow this road for 1.8 km, past a sign for Lac à Caille and drive clock-wise around this small lake

to the end where you will find the Lyle cottage. In summer time, door-to-door about 75 minutes from Montreal


MT. LEGAULT February 17th

Saturday February 17, 10:00am

Host: Aben Mackenzie, 695-3948 or Gordon/Sorel Cohen 482-1327, 450-226-9664

An old favourite tour which we have not done in several years – basically a short, tough, exciting climb and a moderate ski down. If snow conditions are not good we will change the route. From Ste.Agathe, take #329 north about 2.5 km, bear right on 50 ième towards Ste. Lucie (about 10 km). In Ste. Lucie turn left at the "T" intersection on to 10 ième. Go 5 km to another "T", turn right, (look for blue Interval sign) About 5 km to next "T", turn right. Go short distance (60 metres), turn left 3 km to the Lodge (l’Interval) where we meet.



Sunday, February 18, 10.00 am.

Hosts: Sandy & Stan Cytrynbaum, 369-0964, Cottage 1-450-226-7536 and Ruth Braithwaite, 932-3963, Cottage 1-450-226-8126

A tour along Viking’s green and red trails and beyond on the Edelweis, Chevreuil, Coureur de Bois and Birkebeiner, for intermediate skiers. An alternate trail will be available for the less hardy. Coming from Montreal, follow the usual route towards Vikings. From the flashing traffic light in the centre of Morin Heights village, continue for 2.2 km along route #329 and turn right onto the Blue Hills road. After about 2.5 km of steady climbing, turn left on Forest Hill road and go 0.5 km to Lakeshore. Turn left, hugging the lake for about 1.25 km to Moon River road, where you take the right hand fork. Braithwaite’s is the first house on the left, Cytrynbaum’s is the driveway opposite. Park in either driveway where your hosts await you.


VIKING, SMITH-JOHANSSEN, JACK WAHLBERG & JAN NORDSTROM LOPPETS Sunday, February 24, for details see elsewhere in this newsletter. No tours this weekend.


Saturday, March 3, 10.00 am.

Hosts: Mike and Ann Loken, (450)-224-5631

A 20 km tour for intermediate skiers. Take Laurentian Autoroute exit 57, follow Chemin Ste-Anne-des-Lacs for approximately 3 km. Immediately before a parking lot on your right, turn right onto Chemin des Noyers. Follow this road to the very end, a distance of about 1.5 km, where your hosts will be waiting at # 125.



Wed. March 7th through Sunday March 11

Host Michael Dohrendorf 450-437-4092 (Res) 932-8660 (Bus)

This is a wonderful area for some late season skiing on the north slope of Mt. Tremblant, the Intercentre region and St. Donat areas. We hope to have flexible arrangements for length of stay in a former nunnery and in local inns. We anticipate finalization of our arrangements by mid-January

Any problem, any time, please call Gordon Cohen, Co-ordinator (res) 482-1327, (office) 271-4646, (cell) 979-0065, (cottage) 450-226-9664

Gordon Cohen



  • For our organized week-end tours and impromptu Thursday tours:
    1. Let the tour leader (host) know that you will participate.
    2. Bring trail snacks, lunch and liquids.
    3. Dress warmly, in thin layers, and bring one extra sweater, no matter what the weather.
    4. Arrive with skis waxed and additional waxes to suit.
    5. Guests of members are welcome
    6. For last minute details on any of these tours, call the tour leader or contact person




    Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit Corner

    For children only

    Adults, stop reading right now! This section is for children only. Our names are Geoff and Alice, and we are organizing the Jackrabbit program again this year. We hope you are planning to join us this winter because we think cross-country skiing is lots of fun. For those of you who participated last year, we have started planning some new and exciting activities to add to the program.

    We have a new head instructor whose name is Brian Morin. When you see him at the Club, say hello and introduce yourself so that you get to know each other. We told him we were a very friendly group. Anne Nicholson (who makes the delicious maple syrup) will be back as our assistant head instructor and she can’t wait to welcome both new and returning Jackrabbits.

    Have you ever wondered why you are called Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits? Well, Bunnyrabbits are little Jackrabbits, and Jackrabbits are part of a cross-country ski program that is named in honour of Jackrabbit Herman Smith-Johannsen, a Canadian cross-country skiing legend who lived to be 112 years old. He was born in Norway but lived the last 28 years of his life in a cottage in Piedmont not far from the Viking Ski Club. He got his nickname from the Cree Indians because they admired his ability to hop about in dense woods and traverse long distances on his skis. In his teenage years he was rated one of the finest all-round skiers in Norway (all-round skiing meant jumping, cross-country and back country skiing). He spent his later years encouraging people not to spend their time on crowded ski tow hills but to cut trails, cross country ski, and enjoy nature.

    Remember, Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits, your lessons begin at Skip’s Hut at 10:00AM on Saturday, January 6th, 2001. Pick up your pinnies at the Clubhouse before you go down to the pond.

    A new award

    The staff at the Norway Nordic ski shop believe that it is very important to encourage young skiers to do their best. They have donated a special trophy to the Viking Ski Club to be presented each year to the most deserving Jackrabbit. Thank you Norway Nordic.



    Jeux du Quebec preliminaires

    These preliminaries are the qualifying trials for the Jeux du Quebec provincial races held in early March in Rimouski.

    Skiers wishing to compete must participate in the trials held for the region in which they live. The trials for the Lac-St-Louis region (Westmount, and West Island) will be held Saturday, January 27th, 2001 at Centre du Ski Gai-Luron near St-Jerome. Contact James Coulton at (514) 931-7681 for details. We will be informed at a later date if other regions will be included at this event. For more information about the Jeux du Quebec, contact us or Ski Quebec directly at (514) 252-3089.


    Note to parents

    In late December, an information package will be sent out to parents of all children registered in the program. Have a good holiday season and let’s hope there’s lots of snow so that we can go skiing in December.


    Geoff Anderson / Alice Havel

    Voice/fax: (514) 426-9203


    Kids Need Skis?




    Viking Ski Club owns some equipment which was obtained by Coach Tom Siletta a few years ago. It is time to pass it on to a new Jackrabbit who could use it, on the understanding that it gets passed back to the club when finished with for another skier. The equipment is tip-top quality: Madshus Cap Race Junior 150cm NNN bindings Alpina boots size 36 and 38. Contact Neil Matheson at 939-9026


    Well Attended Fall Meeting at Nordic Norway

    Once again, Neils Hollum kindly extended an invitation for Viking to hold its Fall meeting at his Norway Nordic sports store…..or at least we assume he did, he was not actually there! All he same, he left it in the welcoming and capable hands of store assistants Ian, Heather and Kayll! Informality set the scene as several dozen Vikings showed up, partook of the snacks and refreshments generously provided. Dispersed amongst the store’s racks of skis and flashy sports wear, Vikings indulged in multi discussion groups ranging from past summer activities to the latest hi-tech skis on display. Behind the scenes at another location, the Viking executive board members were busy resolving the formal affairs of the Club’s up-coming season. Our new President Erik Vikander and past President Lou Lukanovich eventually made their appearance, unburdened by any election vote recount scenarios that have currently plagued other democratic organizations! Standing mid store, Erik and Lou gave assembled Vikings a "state of the union" address covering the basic topics of progress or concern such as:

    Fall meetings at Nordic Norway seem to have developed the habit of concluding with an "armchair traveler" segment. On this occasion, Kayll (Genevieve Gautier’s son) slipped a video in an overhead monitor and transported Vikings on a 10-day trek up the frigid mountainous summits of Hyana Potosi and Iliampu in Bolivia, South America. For this, we thank Viking director Geneviève Gautier and Adrian (unfortunately both unable to attend this Fall Meeting), who participated in this grueling trip last year together with a group of CEGEP students under the leadership of the renowned outdoors Phys. Ed. Teacher, Pierre Gougoux. After eventually reaching the summit at some 6,000 metres, exhausted Vikings fully anticipated oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling of the Nordic Norway store!!

    A great evening was had by all!


    Derek Wills