Irvington High School Class of 1994 Reunion Website
Do you remember entering the hall freshman year in 1990 and saying goodbye for the last time in 1994?  It is hard to think back and remember these days without seeing the faces of your classmates and friends you had for those four memorable years.  With the amount of time that has passed and life that we all have lived, it is time that we get together to celebrate the past 12 years with friends you may not have seen since the early nineties.

For the weekend of June 23- 25, 2006 come and share your stories, tell us about your family, who you are with, who you married, how many kids you have, where you have traveled, where you went to school, where you work, and all that you've been up to in the past decade.

Life goes by too fast... sometimes you have to stop and play catch-up with some old friends.
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Thank you to all that made it out on Frida, Saturday and Sunday.  It was such a good time.  I am making new pages on this website.  You can see the slide show, letters from Mr Gaskill and Mr Murchinson, and the speech that Nicole wrote.  I hope that everyone had a good time.