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Information Section
The information Section has any informatin you may have about any Paranormal and Unknown. Some of the information in the databank is:
Mysteries of Mars
And lots more........

To view this information click on the information link above

Visit Our Brother Sites
Our brother site is Bigfoots Pad. It is a site full of Sasquatch, bigfoot, yeti, and Skunk Ape. If you would like to check it out you would be appreciated. Thank you and treat that site as you would mine. If you would like to check it out by clicking the red link below.
www.Bigfoots Pad.com
Report A Sighting
If you have had a experience with Aliens, Bigfoot, UFOs, Chupacabra, or anything else let me know by clicking on the link below. Or go to the forums and let me know there. I'll put it on the site and on a map that i am currently developing.
                            Thank you
Do You Have A Paranormal Website
To Add To Zombie Zone?
If you have a paranormal website or webpage to add to my links section, or if you want a little more traffic going to your website, just write it in the forums under hops or links. 
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     Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Chatroom
Wanna chat with the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Team members and guests? Well just click on the teacup below  to go to the  chatroom and talk paranormal all you want. Hope to see you all there very soon!
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Big Foots Pad Paranormal Investigations News & Updates
Well, the Big Foots Pad Paranormal Investigations Team is up & in full gear once again for 2009. We will also be planning other expeditions in the future upcoming months. We really enjoy investigating all of our cases, so show us some support.
Happy Hunting

Big Foots Pad Paranormal Investigations

kgb ufo recovery
Welcome To Zombie Zone. This is a website moderated and created by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigators.We have been around since 2003. We do all sorts of investigating and research around the United States in many fields of the paranormal. Please visit and check out anything that may answer your paranormal questions. Also check out the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Investigators website.
BFP Team Invesigations