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My name is Heinrich vom Schwarzwald and I love to design and build wood projects.This is one of the factors that drew me into the SCA at an early age.


I have recently quit smoking, and have decided that I need something to keep my hands and mind occupied.Thus, I offer all my projects to the good gentles of the SCA.


All the products you find on this site are my own design.I begin with pictures of artifacts that I find in books or websites and customize them to the needs of the modern re-creationist.Most items are constructed with pine in standard lumber sizes to keep prices low.Rest assured, though, most items on this site have been road tested for 4-8 years without problems.If you wish to have something made out of oak, ash, or maple, let me know and I will give you a quote.

Pricing is negotiable and nearly any project you have in mind is possible.


I have many more designs that I wish to bring to fruition.Please check in often to see what new items turn up.




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