Novel means of extracting shaft horsepower from ambient heat.

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Dear Sir ,

The device we have developed uses the low boiling point of certain liquids as a means of transferring their mass to another part of the device. By this means we are able to recover the change in potential energy that the fluid has gained due to the change in location. This energy is recovered by rotating the device about an axle through which useful work can be extracted with each movement. The device requires an on going supply of input heat energy to cause the phase change and removal of thermal energy at the cold end and thus does not qualify as a "Perpetual Motion" device or as a "Free Energy" device as these terms are used on the web. The fact that the temperature differentials required to make the device work can be designed to make them low enables it to use sources of energy which are freely available in the environment. A thermal hot pool or solar concentrators will provide the energy to keep the devicein motion and are free of charge to the owner of the device. If coupled to the exhaust flue of a space heater, the device woul duse this thrown away or free heat to operate. The device can be said to produce free energy as the shaft horsepower which th edevice produces comes at no cost to the owner other than the construction and maintenance costs of the machine once it is inplace.To be perfectly clear:THIS DEVICE IS NOT A "PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE" NOR IS IT A"FREE ENERGY DEVICE" in the context that these terms are used on the many web pages that our research has unearthed. We haveconducted extensive searches on Energy, Renewable Energy etc.and have run across these terms many times. Our device uses sound scientific principles and working models are available for inspection at our offices in India to any who would care to visit. This is in sharp contrast to many of the web pages we have visited.The underlying concept of our work is not new or strange.

The knowledge that certain fluids boil at temperatures close to room temperature has been known for years. Amusement devices such as the "Bobbing Bird" are easily found. The base principle of our device is easily illustrated with this toy. The movement of the working fluid causes the center of gravity of the bird to change and it dips the beak into a glass of water and the fluid is condensed. The condensed liquid then flows back into the lower chamber which again changes the center of gravity and causes itto return to the vertical. Our invention takes this principle and scales it up many times and uses construction materials that are more durable. We also change the arrangement of the chambers to allow for efficient heating of the hot end and easy cooling of the cold end. In short, our device bears littler resemblance to the toy, yet it uses and exploits the same proven scientific principle.

Another device which uses the boiling and condensing of a volatile liquid is the Minto's Wheel (Popular Science, March1976). It differs in construction, complexity from our device.We feel that our device has distinct advantages over the Minto'sWheel in the areas of size, simplicity and the need to be perfectly balanced - all of which are critical factors for a device which is to be locally built and maintained in adeveloping area.We feel that any reasonably handy person with access to the appropriate shop facilities could build a working model of our device in about two weeks of spare time.

We encourage interested individuals to do so. To help you, we held a press conference on May 17th, 2000 to declare to the world the worth of and make public our invention. A web site with complete details is available at

These references should be enough to give interested parties the basic understanding necessary to begin construction of a working prototype. If you have any ideas or questions after reading these pages, please feel free to contact me. I will endeavor to reply to all emails within 24 hours. We are interested in seeing this device become a commercial reality and will limit our involvement to whatever level you desire of us that is within our capability. With greater engineering skill and better facilities for manufacturing we feel that the gross shaft outputs that we have measured can be increased by a factor of ten.

We feel that this is justification for further development of the device and investigation into tasks to which the device may be placed. We envision the device pumping water from wells, generating electricity, turning mill stones and any other stationary application where the shaft horsepower that can be generated can be used. All of these tasks can be accomplished by the device without the need for fossil fuels. If operation is desired during a time that the free heat of the sun is not available , renewable sources of heat such as burning wood could be used to supply the heat input needs of the device.

We have constructed thirty working models. Our largest stands 2.13 meters high and masses about 6.5 Kg. Our goal is to provethe utility that can be gained from it. In the society of today we need every means of harnessing the energy that is produced by the planet or that falls from the sun in an environmentally sensitive way. The device operates on a small enough temperature differential and is sealed so that once put into operation, it will function for years with minimal maintenance.

We envision the device pumping water from wells in competition with more expensive Solar Panels and pumps and being cost effective versus internal combustion pumps and electrical generators. The device uses a level of technology so that it can be locally manufactured and maintained and thus is ideal for developing areas in India and the world. Due to the low cost of construction and the long service life that this device promises, we anticipate that the world will not be able to ignore it for long. .

Please feel free to put forward any enquiries to me.

Vikrant Suri






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