Thanks for the visiting the Hull University "Fight Against Prejudice" Society website.  Since we are a new society, this page has not been up and running very long, and is under constant construction.

We hope to use this website in several ways.  Firstly, as a forum for existing members to discuss things and get to know each other and the executive committee.  Secondly, as a way of publicising society events such as socials and visiting speakers, and thirdly, as a way of recruiting new members.

The society was set up in September 2001 by
Vicki Lowes (president), Sara Thelwell (secretary) and Luke Bell (treasurer).  Click on any of our names to ask us questions about the society or if you want to join.

Our aims are to raise awareness of prejudice, whether it be homophobic, racist, sexist, or anti-semitic, and to try and take action to reduce it.  We are currently in the process of arranging guest speakers to come and give a talk on their experiences of racial abuse, which will be free or reduced admission for members, and we also hope to be able to arrange some trips to other unis, marches and rallies, and possibly some nights out.

We currently have 31 members, thanks to everyone who has joined up - please try and get your mates to join too!  Hopefully we will soon be having an event with some kind of free booze or vodka jelly or something, we'll keep you posted.  Check out the other sections by clicking on the icons below!

Also, please check out the
Fight Against Prejudice Message Board

Please come back soon!


Luke, Vicki and Sara

Forthcoming trips
Forthcoming events (hopefully!)