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Viky's World  

                    "Thank You" for visiting my site. I am greatly honored by your visit. This year [2008] marks the 15th year of my introduction to the Internet and subsequent journey into the wide vista of the Internet world. The internet has provided me with so much information about the world and it has been an important teacher in my life. I also have the Internet to thank for because I have been able to build life-long relationships with so many people whom I met through the Internet. Some of these people whom I've met have turned out to become very good friends.

                    Having said so, the first thing that is usually ascertained at the beginning of an Internet chat session is "ASL please!" [Age, Sex, Location please]. On hearing the name Nagaland, I am usually bombarded with questions about who, what or where Nagaland is. This has prompted me to build a webpage which will eventually help other people to know more about Nagaland. It also aims to provide a portal for tourists planning to visit Nagaland to find out all there is to know about Nagaland while at the same time equip them with all the basic requirements and information before visiting Nagaland. Thus, the main purpose of this website is to be innovative and take a step towards providing information on Nagaland.

                    I have already prepared the initial page layout and entered the basic data about Nagaland, which can be accessed from the About Nagaland link. Please remember that this website is still Beta Version and hence the layout is not as standard as you might expect. Suggestions and comments are most welcomed.

                    It is my hope and prayer that I will be able to complete all the works I intend to do in this website at the very earliest.

Viky Noel Jimomi
May 21, 2008


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If you encounter any problems in the pages, or if you would like to comment or give suggestions towards the improvement of this site, please feel free to e-mail me at modest1@guitarguru.in. Thanks!


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